“Snowdrop” star Kim Mi Soo died suddenly

“Snowdrop” star Kim Mi Soo died suddenly

THE entertainment world of South Korea is shocked by the news of the death of one of the actors of the popular drama series, Snowdrop, Kim Mi Soo.

According to local media reports, Kim Mi Soo died at the age of 31.

However, the cause of his death at a relatively young age and suddenly is unknown.

According to the Landscape Entertainment agency, the deceased will be buried at Sungsim Funeral Home. It will be implemented privately at the request of the family.

“We have enough news to share. Actress Kim Mi Soo passed away suddenly on January 5, 2022.

“Family and close friends are very sad to hear this news.

“We request that there be no speculative news about his death in order to respect the feelings of the family who are still shocked by his passing,” said a statement issued by the agency.

For the record, Mi Soo plays the role of Yeo Jung Min in the drama Snowdrop who is a friend to Young Ro played by Jisoo Blackpink.

Mi Soo debuted in 2018 through her appearance in Lipstick Revolution. In addition, she is also famous through the dramas Hellbound and Hi, Bye Mama!

Snowdrop became his last project before he breathed his last.


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