Snapped! Sissy Iman’s recording album at Abbey Road didn’t go well, turned into a donation

Snapped! Sissy Iman’s recording album at Abbey Road didn’t go well, turned into a donation

Sissy Iman’s heartbreak still hasn’t healed… After the incident on the stage of a singing show last Sunday night, Sissy Iman is determined to release the album she made as a donation.

Sissy’s plans to launch the album in question, which was scheduled for February 2nd, also collapsed.

“2/2/2023 is the day I should have released my official merchandise for the album I recorded last year at Abbey Road.

” The physical CD has been printed , we are printing mugs, t-shirts and some other merch . We are ready to plan to gather media friends and close friends to do a press conference to share the album that Sissy is working on with love .

“God only knows how excited I am for it, but that excitement may have disappeared now,” she said.

Sissy’s wish to sell the special souvenir for as low as RM50 also had to be forgotten and converted into a sincere donation to anyone interested in having it.

“Woke up this morning, when I saw this CD, Sissy felt like she couldn’t watch it. Originally, Sissy wanted to sell it for RM50. Even that didn’t make any money, let alone make a profit.

“This album really costs a lot, and all Sissy has to bear alone for the money to find food for almost 10 years crawling in the industry. But I think I can’t even look at it without feeling sad, so I’m letting this album go as a donation just.

” Donation starts at RM20. Sissy apologizes for having to put an amount for Sissy to cover only part of the cost of printing & postage . If you are interested , click the link in Sissy’s bio. Thank you, may God bless all of you ,” she said.

Last Sunday, Sissy failed to hold back her tears when judged by dangdut singer Mas Idayu after performing the song Jampi (Hael Husaini) in the keroncong version.

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