Slam records history, “The drizzle invites” a thousand feelings and beautiful memories

Slam records history, “The drizzle invites” a thousand feelings and beautiful memories

It has been recorded in the history of the music industry civilization that Gerimis Mengundang is a song that can cross continents.

Being a love antem for most souls in the 90s leading up to the millennial era, the song also acts as a ‘cross-cultural’ antem that brings Indonesian and Singaporean listeners closer to the ear candy of Malaysian songs.

Re -sung and translated into more than 20 languages ​​throughout Asia.

That’s a benchmark that has been maktub created by the Slam group.

For years of pandemic and pre-endemic eras, Slam made history again.

To be a collection of concert openings in this era that we need to go through.

Last Saturday, February 12, 2022, the courage of Shiraz Projects and Slam proved that we all need to be brave to face maturity and renewal in our life journey forward.

Longing makes them dare to meet fans. The last time they performed in Pasir Gudang and the longing that was saved from 2016 was unleashed in a concert called Slam Mentari Muncul Lagi .

Significantly with the title placed for the concert held at the Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, the venue attended by around 1,500 heavy Slam fans was echoed with popular songs as well as the constant freshness of the group formed in 1991.

This famous pop group emerged as a fresh entity in musical arrangement and energetically bringing melancholy and captivating songs.

Not a single line of stanza was missed by the fans because the Slam songs were friendly enough to everyone’s ears.

That is the strength that is always there for this group that consists of Shah, Zamani, Eddie, Lili and Man.

The accuracy of the night’s music was further enhanced by the presence of Paang and Syafiq as the guest musicians.

Make this Slam a relief, initially this concert was postponed and that was the stipulation of the letter. But the love and longing between the fans was re -intertwined with their energetic performance of almost two hours of performance.

The real energy of the group and the fans reciprocated in the name of longing return.

Zamani sang from the heart to the hearts of the fans.

Song after song, taste after taste is given, thrown to reign and color around the hall. There were times when it was as if the fans were silent when they saw his signature vocal throw without groaning or getting tired.

Slam’s lyrical verses are able to make fans be in a situation or a moment of their own. The soul that feels it will be carried back to the era of falling in love, falling out of love, abandoned or even resurrected because of love.

There is no denying that statement. Some closed their eyes, squinted, leaned back in their chairs while absorbing and re-digesting the music and lyrics that touched the soul and feelings of their past.

Shah, Eddie, Man and Lili who control their instruments are quite reliable in their respective positions. We know the Slam song is always fresh and the melody is quite sticky.

Despite only training intensively for nearly two weeks, 10 hours a day, the constraint did not show the visual deck of the eyes and hearing that night.

The task of Slam members armed with these instruments is mature and sticky enough to refresh the arrangement and music of the Slam itself.

Proving that Slam moves with the times, giving a freshness in their music that is close enough to the soul of the fans.

A series of 17 reliable songs such as Buat Seorang Kekasih , Suratan, Kembali Merindu, Kembali Terjalin, Nurkasih to the last song of the show, Mentari Muncul Lagi , were sung deliciously and firmly by Slam.

What else is there to say about Slam?

Looking back on August 3, 1996 when Malaysia was hit by a dark incident due to a power outage, Slam emerged as the champion to illuminate the National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur with the Grand Slam Unplugged Concert.

26 years later (in 2022), they are the pioneers of the music industry and the path to large -scale concerts, bringing the sure message… the sun is coming up again for all of us.

-Opie Sofia

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