Siti Nurhaliza praised the entrepreneur’s attitude of sharing sustenance

Siti Nurhaliza praised the entrepreneur’s attitude of sharing sustenance

NATIONAL number one singer Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza praised the entrepreneurs who always support each other to succeed.

He said it was a positive thing to help each other in ensuring that everyone who ventured into the business remained on the right track.

“Congratulations to all Richworks Group entrepreneurs who have been an inspiration to entrepreneurs out there. Dr Azizan is also a person who is loved by many.

“When I arrived earlier, I saw a row of luxury cars arranged, Mas ya-Allah. Everything is just great, ”he said when appearing to perform at the Richworks 2022 Millionaire Entrepreneur Aidilfitri Banquet in Kuala Lumpur, recently.

Siti Nurhaliza is also happy to see entrepreneurs who are always ready to share their sustenance with those in need.

The singer of the song Biarlah Rahsia also shared his pride when his son and daughter -in -law, Asyraf Khalid and Tya Arifin, were among the successful Richworks coaching entrepreneurs with their products.

“Dr used to come to the house and share his experience with us. More meaningful when my sons Asyraf and Tya become among the real results and are in the titan group.

“Of course, Datuk K’s father is very happy with their achievements as a result of Dr Azizan’s guidance. The latest Aazief has also joined so I hope he is also successful and not kidding, ”he chattered.

At the ceremony, Siti Nurhaliza also managed to invite Datuk Wira Dr Azizan Osman to take the stage and duet the Widuri song with him.

Siti Nurhaliza also had the opportunity to tease the entrepreneurs with the title of husband to always fulfill the wife’s demand for a wider sustenance.

He performed five songs including Sesuci Lebaran, Lip Lap Raya and Nazam Lebaran.

Dolla’s group, who also made a presentation at the event, also shared their views on the 10 X Bina Bisnes Berjaya incentive, which is a free business course for 10 thousand participants in helping and producing young entrepreneurs.

Share Dolla, the campaign is a very good encouragement to young entrepreneurs, not to mention many who are impressed with the Movement Control Order (PKP) implemented previously.

“We think this is a very good incentive for young entrepreneurs because after the PKP, many are affected.” they said

Dolla added, they will also come up with special exclusive items for fans that are expected to be on the market soon.

“We can share that this year there are many surprises and prizes waiting for the fans.

“Regarding products from Dolla itself, there is no doubt that we get a lot of requests from fans to produce exclusive items such as ‘sticks’ and so on. We know what they want and look forward to it. ” they said closing the conversation

source – wilayahku

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