Siti Khadijah launches ‘Raya In Vogue’ collection

Siti Khadijah launches ‘Raya In Vogue’ collection

LINEUP of models styling Siti Khadijah’s raya collection

Siti Khadijah Apparel Sdn. Bhd. (Siti Khadijah) launched a raya collection named Raya in Vogue on March 15.

Starting with the sale of telekung, the Siti Khadijah (SK) brand has also diversified with a wide range of products including clothing for women and men.

Even after 14 years of establishing a name in the market, the presence of raya clothing collections for men and women further fueled the competition between syariah-compliant clothing manufacturers in our country.

This Raya In Vogue collection features five baju kurung, one Malay baju in addition to the women’s robes which were also showcased in a fashion show held in the foyer of the shopping center, KL East Mall.

“The Raya In Vogue collection that was shown was only sold physically in limited quantities at boutiques nationwide. However, those who want to get this raya collection other than going to selected boutiques.

“Other than that, they can also buy through registered ‘personal shoppers’ that we call Srikandi throughout Malaysia. To date, we have over 600 registered Heroines. The purchase of this collection can also be made through the website

“Sales are open from March 15, 2023. So plan your purchase wisely, as they say buy early don’t be confused. We do not encourage people to buy last minute before Raya,” said Siti Khadijah Founder, Hajah Padzilah Enda Sulaiman.

Padzilah said again, this year’s collection is highlighted with a luxurious style but maintains the concept of simplicity and focuses on comfort.

In line with the tagline at Siti Khadijah which is, ‘Outside Comfort, Inside Calm’, the collection is sold at prices between RM208 and RM328.

“The previous year we presented designs with Indonesian characteristics, classics and so on. This year we present elements that are more ‘classy’ but retain the characteristics of sharia compliance.

“Our five baju kurung collections are named Nazrin Kurung Pesak, Azra Kurung Pesak, Alara Kurung Modern, Aylin Kurung Modern and Zehra Kurung Pahang. And each collection comes with five color options.

“For the men’s collection, we named Daud Baju Melayu, also with five color options. In addition, there is also a selection of robes, tudung sarong, satin pom poms and plain ones,” she said.

RUFFEDGE was also present to perform

Earlier, at the show, Edika Yusof and Arash Mohd also stole the show showcasing Siti Khadijah’s men’s collection.

Also entertaining guests and spectators at the shopping premises was Lah Ahmad and the Ruffedge band.

In fact Vanidah Imran, Kuza as well as famous influencers on digital platforms and social media were also invited to enliven this event.

In addition to Padzilah, also present were Siti Khadijah Group Chairman, Shafie Shamsuddin and Siti Khadijah Co-Founder, Aminuddin Mohd Nasir.

SITI Khadijah Apparel Sdn. Bhd. (Siti Khadijah) launched a Raya collection called Raya in Vogue

Founded in 2009 with an ambitious goal, this brand aims to ensure that women can choose a better and more comfortable telekung through innovation and improve the user experience during prayer.

The brand has successfully grown into a leading national brand while pioneering the specialized telekung manufacturing market in Malaysia and Indonesia.

In addition to telekung, the company also manufactures a variety of hajj accessories such as hijabs, hand socks, robes and hajj accessories. The brand also produces lifestyle products such as menswear and womenswear, scarves, accessories, and more.

source – wilayahku

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