Siti Jamumall sacrificed for her disabled brother

Siti Jamumall sacrificed for her disabled brother

THANKS to influencer or influencer Siti Jamumall’s sacrifice in taking care of her brother who is also disabled (OKU), Mohd Khairul Nizam Wahiddin, 33, paid off when he is now one of the successful young entrepreneurs.

Siti Jamumall, 23, or her real name is Siti Suriani Wahiddin, was not only able to build her own business brand but also managed to buy the first condominium type house worth RM1 million located in Setia Alam, Shah Alam, Selangor.

“In 2016, I started accompanying my brother to go to a business study program. So, at that time I saw for myself how my brother was disabled but still worked hard to support and help the family. Looking at the business journey, I began to set the intention to help my brother to lighten his burden.

“To make a story, two days before taking the Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM), I had to fly to Tokyo, Japan to follow my brother. At that time, he never forced me to go, I was the only one who was determined because I knew that if it wasn’t me who helped my brother there, who else would.

“My brother can’t write and can’t even raise his hand. So someone has to help look after him in class. I sacrificed to take care of my brother when he went to Japan. On that day was also the date on which the business that I have built up to today was born.

“Alhamdulillah, this year is also my golden year where after getting a Lamborghini from Mommyhana and now I can also own my first house with a price of RM1 million.

“I can say that the lesson is not unimportant but I need to know why I didn’t take SPM and decided to continue studying in the business field as I have a mentor,” he said.

THANKS to taking care of Abang OKU, Siti Jamumall is now one of the successful young entrepreneurs.

Sharing more about her trip with her brother, Siti Jamumall said her brother’s company once owed almost RM1 million.

“People see my brother as great, but they don’t know that doing business without knowledge is very difficult. Almost RM1 million in company debt that has to be borne by my brother who has not been paid for almost six months. I am sorry and in my heart there is only one intention, I want to help my brother and if possible to help my family as well.

“My intentions are sincere because I stick to my principles. When we come back we can’t afford to do paid ads, we do ‘live’ because it’s free. I do it every day consistently and thank God in three months I was able to build a name and have sales. So, from there you can settle all debts.

“If you are interested in business, do it right and don’t give up. In business there are bound to be challenges but you have to believe that if you are sincere and the intention is good, God will help you. I never dreamed and expected at the age of 23 to be able to get all this. I believe that if you work hard and do it until you get it, it will never be in vain,” he said.

SITI Jamumall succeeded in helping many bumiputra traders.

Siti Jamumall is even more proud when she succeeds in helping many bumiputera traders.

“Since launching the latest product under the Whitekish O2 Bubble brand, thank God I managed to help an ‘affiliate’ who didn’t even have to spend any capital and they managed to get RM30,000 within two days.

“I am very grateful to be able to help people out there who may want to find additional income through TikTok. I am very happy to see that they can increase their income.

“Anyone who wants to learn how to do business, we also have classes. It’s not difficult to reach the tip of the finger,” he said.

Anyone interested in joining the class for free can visit

source – wilayahku

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