Singer Ning Baizura unbothered by Scooby Doo vocal reference

Singer Ning Baizura unbothered by Scooby Doo vocal reference

The songstress is in fact grateful for the viral moment as it gave her more publicity and support from industry peers

*Scooby Doo who? [WATCH] Ning Baizura makes a spontaneous comeback, singing ‘Awan Yang Terpilu’ as a message to negative critics

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysian songstress Ning Baizura is not ashamed of her viral Bobo KL performance which garnered a lot of criticism from the Internet community a month ago.

Making her first public appearance after the fuss at the Wonder Suit (by Jovian) launch event earlier today, where she is named as one of the muses and partner, Ning shared with the press: “I performed [at Bobo KL] for four nights straight and the show that went viral was on the last night — I blasted back to netizens about this on social media.”

“I always arrange and choreograph my own show and whenever there is a live performance, you can only plan for so much.

“For instance with regards to the performance at Bobo, every night I would end up singing more than 20 songs over two sets.

“The first set (usually) comprised eight songs, and the second comprised 10 songs. Of course, when you get an audience that is excited and throw out requests for me to sing things outside of the setlist, I can’t help but to go along and connect with the crowd,” she said.

*Ning Baizura performing at Bobo KL. Last month, a separate video of Ning singing Awan Yang Terpilu went viral on social media networks with netizens throwing harsh comments at the singer over her vocal capabilities.

According to Ning, people tend to react first without giving much thought to why the performance output was in such a way.

She highlighted that aside from time and energy levels, “‘Awan Yang Terpilu’ is written and dedicated to my late father and I scheduled that song at the end to close the [Bobo KL] show every night.

“Whenever I sing it, I get a lasting and profound feeling only because of the weight it carries — that is the relationship between my father and me, which I find hard to express.

“It is a very personal piece, and I will cry every night singing it because my father never got a chance to watch his daughter on stage.

“It has been more than three years (since he passed) but the sadness remains,” she said, noting that she does not deny that fatigue and emotions got in the way which impaired the singing.

“But I have no regrets at all because I love taking my audience on that journey with me. I was just too honest of a performer, and the atmosphere at Bobo KL was already private and intimate in itself,” said Ning.

“I don’t care if people want to make Scooby Doo references or throw other comments of sorts.

“At the end of the day, I am blessed with this new project opportunity with Wonder Suit that I am involved in and the support of friends and peers in the entertainment industry,” added the singer, noting that Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza is among them.

Ning joins other celebrities like Rozita Che Wan, Ifa Raziah, Sherry Alhadad, and the girls from Dolla as the ambassadors for Wonder Suit, a new exclusive brand for undergarments and innerwear by Malaysian couturier Jovian Mandagie.

The first product to be released is the waist compression and trainer piece which aims to help women gain better posture and figure.

The muses are also made as partners where every sale under the designated web link dedicated for each individual would allow them to gain a cut of the returns.

source – The Vibes

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