Singer Aizat Amdan denies being married ‘quietly’

Singer Aizat Amdan denies being married ‘quietly’

SINGER Aizat Amdan has denied rumors claiming to be quietly married and having a child.

Aizat, 33, said the picture of the baby that was uploaded on his Instagram page, recently was his nephew and not his son.

” Astaghfirullah, nauzubillah min zalik . Allahuakbar. Actually, the boy’s face is like mine.

“The boy you see on Instagram is my sister’s son,” he said when met by Gempak reporters, recently.

Aizat was spotted at Armani Entertainment Group’s breaking of fast and media night at the Hilton Hotel, in the capital, on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, commenting on his relationship with a woman named Elyssa Alia, Aizat informed that it was his girlfriend who will be married soon.

“God willing, she is in the planning (to get married). She is a special person in my life.

“Right now, she’s my girlfriend, I’m happy with the story. For other things after this, I’ll share it later,” he said, who finished the merisik ceremony on February 12.

The two have known each other for the past two years and Elyssa is now managing Aizan’s artistic career including her company, Kasi Gegar Entertainment.

source – Gempak

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