Shila Amzah, Jaclyn Victor, Tomok among the participants of Gegar Vaganza new season

Shila Amzah, Jaclyn Victor, Tomok among the participants of Gegar Vaganza new season

KUALA LUMPUR: Starting this September 18, the popular entertainment program Gegar Vaganza produced by Astro will return to air featuring 12 solo singers and a famous group competing for position.

Fierce competition is expected to be seen in the ninth season of Gegar Vaganza (GV9) following the list of singers who chose to take up the challenge in this ring.

In the list of 12 solo singers who were selected for GV9 are Shila Amzah, Jaclyn Victor, Tomok (Newboyz), Dina Nadzir and Bob Yusof.

Other solo singers who are also listed by Astro in their bid for a place in GV9 are Def-Gab-C vocalist Asheed, Fuad Rahman (Singapore), Hazrul Nizam, Roy Kapilla, Haida, Pat Candy and Tom.

While the only group participants listed as GV9 participants is the VE group which is lined up by Zaf, Cham, Adeeb and Hakim.

Meanwhile, at the announcement of the publication of GV9 by Astro just now, the program will also retain three famous critics consisting of the famous maestro, Datuk Ramli MS; biduanita from Indonesia Hetty Koes Endang and lecturer and entertainer Datuk Syafinaz Selamat.

Ramli MS, Hetty Koes Endang and Syafinaz Selamat are retained as Gegar Vaganza critics for the new season.

Meanwhile, Astro’s Vice President of Malay Entertainment Content Development Strategy, Raqim Ahmad said, the new season of GV continues to strive to feature participants who have extraordinary talent to continue the glory of the previous seasons.

According to Raqim, Astro is very proud to be able to attract the attention of the big names of singers in the country to compete on a platform that has proven its popularity.

“It turns out that GV shows how relevant this show is not only for fans but also for existing artists. GV is still a platform for singers to carve their name again,” said Raqim in a press conference.

GV9 which will begin broadcasting on September 18 from the MBSA Shah Alam Auditorium features Nabil Ahmad as host.

The winner of this program will take home RM100,000 in cash while the winner will be offered RM50,000 while the third place winner will be awarded RM30,000.

The singers like before are Ayai (Ilusi), Siti Nordiana, Azharina, Datuk Aishah, Noryn Aziz, Naqiu, Hady Mirza, Cliff Umar and Aliff Aziz who have been GV champions in previous seasons.

List of GV9 participants:
1) Shila Hamzah 2) Jaclyn Victor 3) Tomok (Newboyz) 4) Dina Nadzir 5) Bob Yusof. 6) Asheed 7) Fuad Rahman 8) Hazrul Nizam 9) Roy Kapilla 10) Haida 11) Pat Candy 12) Tom 13) VE Group (Zaf, Cham, Adeeb and Hakim)

source – Astro Awani

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