Sherry Alhadad lost 18 kilograms as a result of exercising, take care of eating

Sherry Alhadad lost 18 kilograms as a result of exercising, take care of eating

WHEN having the opportunity to meet host and actress Sherry Alhadad at the Big Stage 2022 press conference held in the capital recently, her slightly wrinkled figure appeared.

Asked what was the secret that she managed to lose weight until she saw significant changes, Sherry said, everything happens naturally – that is the result of exercise and food care.

“Thank God, I managed to lose 16 to 18 kilograms in three months. Followers and the public can see for themselves the workout routines I share on Instagram.

“Sometimes people are worried that they will say I ripple when I can lose weight. I just hope that my partnership can burn the spirit of those with big bodies to stay healthy, ”he told Gempak .

Asked if she would like to have surgery to get her dream body shape quickly, Sherry said she has not thought in that direction.

“Currently, I have not thought of going through bariatric surgery or cutting the intestine as an easy way to lose weight. But instead, I believe more in the proper process to lose weight.

“I believe Allah SWT gave us the long intestine for a reason, so for now I use other alternatives. Maybe that’s my last alternative as it hasn’t been thought of yet.

“However, it does not mean that I judge or speak to any party. It is just a personal view to be used on one’s own body, ”shared the owner of Shariffah Mariam Syed Abdullah’s full name.

Continuing to talk about Big Stage 2022 which will start on February 6, Sherry said, the preparations are the same as in previous years.

“Every year the preparations are the same, only me and Alif as the host need to maintain the momentum for this fourth season. Trembling and impatient in fact, the feeling is mixed, “he said closing the conversation.

Big Stage 2022 will see a battle of young talents such as Sofiaa Marieylla, Aisha Retno, Ajoi Zainal, Daniel Chuer, Elica Paujin, Lia Aziz, Megat Rahim, Yazmin Aziz, Tuah Adzmi, Syafiq Abdilah (Brunei) and Tegar Septian (Indonesia).

Big Stage 2022 will be held at the Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC) and will be broadcast exclusively on Astro Ria channel (104) from February 6 and can also be streamed through the Astro GO application and On Demand service for more flexible options.


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