Sheila Majid welcomes her eldest daughter-in-law!

Sheila Majid welcomes her eldest daughter-in-law!

Megat and Nik Nuralia’s wedding, Sheila Majid welcomes her eldest daughter-in-law!

KUALA LUMPUR: With one word, Megat Abdul Majid Aziz Roslan, the son of the country’s famous singer, Datuk Sheila Majid was legally the husband of his mistress, Nik Nuralia Dato ‘Nik Fauzi in a closed ceremony in compliance with standard operating procedures (SOP) at the Sime Darby Convention Center, in the capital at about 10 a.m., Sunday.

The pair of pigeons were safely welcomed by Nik Nuralia’s biological father, Dato ‘Nik Fauzi Tan Sri Dr Nik Hussein.

Through an update on Instagram, Sheila, uploaded several photos and videos of the reception in the hall beautifully decorated with white orchids.

Megat, gifted nine delivery trays and returned seven trays from the bride.

The couple previously tied the engagement ropes in December 2020.

It is understood that their wedding ceremony had to be postponed several times, even the couple was suspected when they tested positive for COVID-19, recently.

The wedding ceremony took place modestly and was attended by the immediate family of both the couple and close friends.

According to Sheila, she is very excited and happy to receive her son -in -law and her hope as a mother that the couple will always be united and agreed in all aspects of the household.

“I also pray that Megat and Nik Nuralia are always blessed and guided by Allah SWT. May this bond be blessed and successful in this world and the hereafter,” said Sheila, who gracefully wore a traditional green kebaya at the historic ceremony.

Megat, is Sheila’s second child from her first marriage to producer and producer, Roslan Aziz.

Sheila’s second marriage with director and music composer, Datuk Hashridz Murshim Hassim (or more popularly called Acis), they were blessed with two bright eyes, Khadeja Zaireen and Khalefa Laila.

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