Sheikh Muszaphar waiting for his 7th baby

Sheikh Muszaphar waiting for his 7th baby

“ALHAMDULILLAH,” those were the words spoken when the news of pregnancy was delivered by Dr Halina.

Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor’s desire to add to the light shared in the webinar ‘Mama Tak Penat Susukan Anak Pa&Ma’ last year finally came true this year.

The country’s first astronaut shared the good news through a video shared on his Instagram page.

The cute behavior of the children steals the attention of many. It looks like they can’t wait to see their new brother.

But Emelia’s behavior steals the most attention because it looks like she wants to be the youngest child forever.

Dr. Sheikh was grateful and told all the family members that they were very excited. He also prayed that everything would be made easier.

At the end of the video, Dr. Sheikh shared the position of the fetus and the heartbeat of the fetus. Looks like everything is in good condition and normal.

Average celebrity friends and virtual citizens never stop congratulating this family.

The video got 32,000 views after 1 hour of being uploaded to his Instagram account.

Dr Sheikh Muszaphar, 50 years old, and Dr Halina, 41 years old, got married on 10 October 2010.

As a result of the marriage, they have been blessed with six children namely Sophea Isabella, 11 years old, Sophea Natasha, 9 years old, and twin boys namely Sheikh Adam and Sheikh Noah, aged 5 years and the twins Eusof and Emelia, 2 years old.

source – Pa and Ma

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