Sharnaaz Ahmad claimed that the ‘guard’ had a fight with the complainant

Sharnaaz Ahmad claimed that the ‘guard’ had a fight with the complainant

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular actor, Sharnaaz Ahmad came forward to explain the real situation regarding the allegation that he acted rudely towards an individual in an incident at a condominium in Segambut, here recently.

Sharnaaz or real name Sharnaaz Ahmad Basir Ahmad asserted, he only helped defend a security guard who was allegedly fighting with the complainant who was also a resident of the condominium.

In my house there is a guard (security guard), one of the residents, the complainant, is fighting with the guard because he can’t bring in oil … but that’s his friend’s oil, I don’t want to tell. Let’s shorten the story, when mamu (Sharnaaz) came down under mamu, he seemed to be fighting.

“Mamu is trying to defend the guard and we can’t see people being oppressed no matter what race, religion, nationality … we can’t oppress people like this,” he said in a three -minute video uploaded on his Instagram page on Monday.

Commenting further, the 37 -year -old actor said that the accusation leveled against him claiming that he kicked and stepped on the individual, was not true at all.

“When you are a guard , something undesirable happens.

“But mamu wants to emphasize here, for God’s sake, mamu does not punch, step on the stomach, choke, or kick the stomach. That’s all nonsense and don’t believe it,” he said.

At the same time, the Juvana film actor added, he did not want to prolong the case, instead, hand it over to the authorities.

“The investigation papers are all complete and they have been sent to the Deputy Public Prosecutor.

“They (the police) will take care of the matter and God willing, we will see the outcome.

“If it’s possible, I don’t want to prolong this story and we see the best way for both parties and this thing happens, we don’t ask for it and when it happens we have to accept it with an open heart …,” he said again.

Recently, the actor of I Promise Janji Anaqi was remanded for three days to assist in the investigation into the alleged punching and kicking of a man in a condominium in Segambut.

Sentul District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Beh Eng Lai said the investigation on the actor was carried out in accordance with Section 323 of the Penal Code for causing injury and Section 506 of the same code for making threats.

Section 323 of the Penal Code provides for imprisonment for one year or a maximum fine of RM2,000 or both.

source – Hasimi Muhamad

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