Sexual issues, “I’m involved, but…” – Firdaus Wong

Sexual issues, “I’m involved, but…” – Firdaus Wong

It was VERY surprising to many when a religious celebrity was accused of sexually abusing an underage boy recently.

What is unpleasant to hear when some netizens also associate the name of the popular motivational speaker, Ustaz Firdaus Wong.

“Yes, I am indeed involved! But not as a suspect and not as a victim.
“Actually, I am the individual who helps the victims,” ​​he insisted, correcting the general allegations.

Firdaus had to make that explanation after some individuals tried to link him through some tweets uploaded on the Twitter page.

Furthermore, according to him, the article shared by the individual who deliberately provoked the provocation was an old news report published in 2019.

Even the suspect involved in the case coincidentally has the same name as Firdaus Wong.

“Even though the news article on Twitter is called Firdaus Wong, it’s not me. Even the news article is in 2019.

“The accused’s name is Muhammad Firdaus Wong Abdullah, while my name is Firdaus Wong Wai Hung,” he shared, who has forgiven the actions of individuals that he considers to be factual errors.

source – wilayahku

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