Seven months pregnant – Stacy shared the good news

Seven months pregnant – Stacy shared the good news

KUALA LUMPUR: Stacy or her real name, Ummu Shaikhah Stacy Anam, Sabah -born singer, shared the good news that she is now pregnant.

According to Stacy, her pregnancy is now seven months and is expected to give birth next August.

This answers the quest of fans who saw changes in her body, especially when she and her family were on holiday in Sabah recently.

“Yes, I’m pregnant… It’s been seven months. Thank you to all who prayed.

“There is a new video that was uploaded while on holiday in Sabah with my husband and two children. In the footage, I was seen trying to ‘cover’ my stomach.

“However, in the end, I can no longer cover my stomach…. that is already bulging forward,” she said.

Stacy added that she would not keep her pregnancy a secret if anyone asked about it. I’m not secretive if anyone asks.

“The family even asked me the question of whether I was pregnant or not.

“Now, I have two months left to give birth. It is hoped that everything will be simplified, ”she added.

The new born will be the third child for the couple Akim and Stacy who got married on February 5, 2016.

Stacy has an adopted child named Bella De Luna Valentina, and a daughter, Eshaal Afiq Hakim, the result of her marriage with Akim.


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