Sepahtu Reunion Live is back, the absence of Dewa Arteh sparked a question mark

Sepahtu Reunion Live is back, the absence of Dewa Arteh sparked a question mark

The Sepahtu Reunion Live comedy sketch PROGRAM returns live in 2022 featuring message -laden content and an interesting cast.

However, the absence of the winner of the golden shoe of the program Mencari Sepahtu Yang Hilang, Dewa from the Arteh group raises a question mark.

According to Jep or real name Muhd ​​Nadzri Zainal Abidin, 37, there is no issue about the absence of Dewa in this latest season because the appearance is as a winning bonus prize.

“Actually, the appearance of Dewa at Sepahtu Reunion Live is as a prize for winning the winner of the Finding the Lost Sepahtu program in 2021. That’s all we have promised.

“So his appearance is only to that extent, not as a permanent appearance.

“His appearance in the previous edition was as a bonus prize on top of the win. When we started with this new season, he was gone.

“They all know about the matter, before the start of the Finding the Lost Sepahtu program, we informed all participants about the bonus prize, so it’s clear there,” he told.

Jep was found after the live broadcast of the Sepahtu Reunion Live 2022 program which took place at the Royale Theater, Shah Alam on Thursday.

Add Jep again, as an update for this latest season, they will feature a legendary actor who will be with Sepahtu throughout the 12 episodes of the broadcast.

“I am very excited with the appearance of this legend to join the Sepahtu Reunion Live family this latest season, my heart feels that this individual will help us a lot throughout the episode.

“It’s just that this week he can’t be with us and he will make an appearance next week,” he explained.

Watch the latest season of Sepahtu Reunion Live 2022 which airs every Thursday, 9pm on Astro Warna channel (107).

source – Gempak

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