Seattle Artists Take a Stand Against Gun Violence

Seattle Artists Take a Stand Against Gun Violence

Through a partnership between the community, Seattle Office of Arts & Culture Hope Corps program, and King County Government, Beloved King County taps local creative talent to bring into focus systemic causes of community-based gun violence by amplifying the voices of those affected. “Heroes of this Hell (Anti-Violence the Science)” is an original spoken word and hip-hop composition produced by Beezie 2 Slaps featuring Black Stax, Mike Jack, Tia Nache, and Papa Black Davinci.

SEATTLE, Jan. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On January 31st 2023, TBCM Music Publishing will release a new song closing out a yearlong Anti-Gun violence Campaign called “Beloved,” a multimedia and art driven project. Each phase of the campaign explores gun violence in the Black community as a symptom of illness caused by systemic inequality.

Heroes of this Hell is a compilation of artist perspectives all painting a different picture of how gun violence plagues our community in four “movements.” In Movement I, Seattle’s own Avant Garde of HipHop, Black Stax, serve as our elders, painting a picture of the problem in its raw essence. Movement II is written by Mike Jack 3200, sharing perspective as a young man faced with the pressures of the streets daily in a complicated depiction of his relationship with the history of street violence. Movement III is written and performed by spoken word artist and local orator, Tia Nache’ and challenges our young people to look inside themselves and put down the guns. Movement IV closes the song with Papa Black Davinci sharing his story and encouraging the community to be courageous, “stand up,” and join him to end gun violence.

The single is an original production by iconic Seattle music producer, Beezie2Slaps (Fred Brydwell) known on the Seattle Hip-Hop scene since the 80’s. Affectionately known as “Beezie” who with his group recorded his first single in the 6th grade, opened a record store and studio soon after graduating high school, and signed his first production contract at 20 years old.

The teaser video and cover art feature original photography produced during the Beloved Campaign featuring floral art installations by Forever Safe Spaces, Northwest African American Museum, and Soulma Ayers. In the installations, each rose depicted represented a life or lives lost to gun violence in Martin Luther King County Washington. Photography credited to Contemporary Love Affair & Art by Frederick, curated by Katoya Palmer. For more information about the Beloved Campaign please visit to catch up on all the events and publications produced over the last year.

SOURCE – TBCM Music Publishing

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