Search all set to rock Zepp KL with Konsert Endemik

Search all set to rock Zepp KL with Konsert Endemik

If you have bought tickets to watch the show, you are in for a treat: Amy Search

KUALA LUMPUR – Inching nearer to show day, Search, featuring its renowned members Amy, Nasir, Hillary Ang and Man Kidal is confident that their upcoming concert, aptly called Konsert Endemik will set the bar for rock concerts in the endemic phase.

Slated to be held this June 4 and 5, the Malaysian number one rock group has chosen Zepp Kuala Lumpur – the country’s spanking new world-class concert hall – as the venue.

Search frontman Amy enthused: “Konsert Endemik on June 4 and 5 will set a new benchmark on how a rock concert should be organised in an endemic phase. The name itself is a sign of the times and reflects what is happening in the world.

“There are several factors that make Konsert Endemik a concert not to be missed. For one, Search will be the first band to have its solo concert at Zepp KL. The band will also be performing two of its latest songs, aptly called ‘Endemik I’ and ‘Endemik II’.

“These are along with our other signature Search anthems that have been haunting Malaysian music fans for decades. We have called in local and international experts to assist with our technical side such as Akira Yamauchi, a well-known sound engineer.

“And to top it all off, we have Genervie and Arthur Kam, two of the most sought-after sessionists in Malaysia and world recognised as the best in their game, playing alongside the band. If you have bought tickets to watch the show, you are in for a treat!”

Konsert Endemik is the culmination of Search’s career which began in the 80s. It’s created especially for the legion of Search fans in Malaysia and the Asian region. Zepp KL is an obvious choice as the venue of Konsert Endemik due to its world-class concert hall facilities.

Zepp Hall Network Inc was established in 1998 and has 11 concert halls around the world. This includes nine in Japan, one in Taipei and their latest addition in Kuala Lumpur.

According to bassist Nasir Daud, “Zepp is a global brand and with Search being well known in the Asian region, this is a match made in rock n roll heaven. The venue is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities including a high-tech audio and lighting system.

“This stadium-style audience layout is unique to Zepp Global, with VIP boxes, facilities for the physically challenged and other features. It promises an epic concert that will definitely go down in the country’s music industry history, especially in the rock and roll scene.

“The band has been practising really hard. We are involved not just with the music but also with the look and feel of the whole show. We shall see you at Zepp KL on June 4 and 5. It’s going to be epic!”

Konsert Endemik tickets are selling fast. For details, go to

source – The Vibes

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