‘Scammers’ peep, read the TAC code

‘Scammers’ peep, read the TAC code

SHAH ALAM: The Malaysian Cyber ​​Consumer Association (MCCA) claims that there is a fraud syndicate that can spy and read the transaction confirmation code (TAC) through the short message system (SMS).

Its president, Siraj Jalil, said the syndicate was believed to be using malicious software to hack into devices, causing the victims to lose money from their bank accounts.

“The fraud syndicate uses the phishing method by sending malicious software through the link provided to the victim,” he said at the launch of the book ‘Corruption, Hypocrisy in Malay Politics’ at the Karangkraf Group on Thursday.

Siraj said that his side also received complaints from victims who claimed money from their bank accounts was missing even though they did not give TAC to other individuals.

“MCCA advises the banking sector to further tighten up by creating a layer of security for user accounts.

“People should always be vigilant by not sharing their personal details with any party to minimize fraud or suppress any suspicious links,” he stressed.

Previously, the Royal Malaysian Police in a statement via Facebook advised the public not to hand over the TAC code or share it with other parties if they did not make any transactions in any internet banking.

The public is asked to contact the bank immediately if they receive any TAC number for a transaction that was not carried out.

source – Sinar Harian


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