Say ‘Buon Appetito’ to a week of authentic Italian taste

Say ‘Buon Appetito’ to a week of authentic Italian taste

‘Week of the Italian Cuisine in the World’ campaign features special menus at restaurants, masterclasses and made-in-Italy products

MALAYSIANS will get to savour a week of extraordinary and true Italian taste from December 5 to 11 with the launch of the ‘Week of the Italian Cuisine in the World’.

The project, in its seventh year, aims to promote Italian culture through food and authentic Italian ingredients.

This year’s campaign will feature the theme “Conviviality, Sustainability and Innovation: The Ingredients of Italian Cuisine for People’s Health and the Protection of the Planet”.

This event, which takes place in more than 100 countries globally, is organised by the Italian Foreign Ministry. In Malaysia, it is jointly organised by the Italian Embassy and Italian Trade Agency in Kuala Lumpur in collaboration with the Italy-Malaysia Business Association.

This year’s edition will focus on ‘Conviviality, Sustainability and Innovation’.

It also represents an opportunity to promote the quality of Italian agri-food products, enhance the values of the Italian sustainable and healthy lifestyle rooted in the Mediterranean Diet, and foster innovation in the agri-tech field to rethink our dysfunctional agri-food systems.

Chef Simone Guglielmo and his team came to Malaysia to specially cook authentic Italian food in conjunction with the press launch of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World 2022. – Pic courtesy of Italian Embassy KL

To kick off the campaign, a team of four chefs from Italy whipped up special authentic Italian dishes during the launch.

Headed by Chef Simone Guglielmo of the Italian Restaurant “I Rocci di Casciano Barbara” in the Apulia Region, they presented grilled octopus with sweet paprika, tomato puree, potato confit, roasted onion, and black olive powder, squid ink gnocchi and truffle tuna fillet cooked two ways.

The Ambassador of Italy to Malaysia, Massimo Rustico, noted that Italian food is a well-loved cuisine in the country. It resonates well with the heartwarming type of cooking that Malaysians grew up with.

“The Italian gastronomy scene in Malaysia is thriving and Malaysians, who are known to be passionate about great food, are one of the more adventurous people I know who are keen to try out new foods.

“Our sixth edition last year that highlighted millennial food traditions of the Mediterranean diet was very successful and we intend to continue the momentum this year.

H.E. Massimo Rustico, Ambassador of Italy to Malaysia (third from left) and Italian Trade Commissioner Dr Filippo Fusaro (right) together with the team of chefs from Italy headed by Chef Simone Guglielmo (third from right) from ‘I Rocci di Casciano Barbara’. – Pic courtesy of Italian Embassy KL

“We are very excited and proud to share the love of our culture, food and ingredients through the ‘Week of the Italian Cuisine of the World’ campaign.

This campaign truly represents the essence of what it means to be 100% made in Italy where we practice conviviality, sustainability and innovation to safeguard our food traditions and cultures, including the people who make them.”

Over the week, connoisseurs and Italian culture aficionados can enjoy masterclasses that showcase authentic Italian traditions, high-quality products and regional specialties. At the same time, they can entice palates at the best Italian restaurants in the country.

There are opportunities to learn about the 100% Made in Italy products and their precious link with their region of origin. Participants can also choose and make the best use of Italian ingredients to protect and preserve agri-food companies making these products.

Ambassador Rustico added, “The one week in December will be a window into what Italy has to offer – the tradition of high-quality food and wine, the diversity of each region’s specialties, all of which are central to Italian identity and culture.

Emcee Kavita Sidhu welcoming media, restaurant owners and Italian product distributors to the launch of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World 2022 campaign. – Pic courtesy of Italian Embassy KL

“We invite all Malaysians on a journey to Italy and its culinary destinations, immerse yourself in Italian culinary culture and, of course, buon appetito! We truly hope that Malaysians will enjoy the quality and uniqueness of authentic Italian cuisine, products and ingredients.”

During the ‘Week of Italian Cuisine of the World’, Malaysians can look forward to the following events:

Special recipes and menus among the 20 participating Italian restaurants

Malaysians can look forward to special recipes and menus for one week only across various participating Italian restaurants. For the full list, visit the website.

For authentic Italian restaurants, look out for the sticker logo “Settimana della cucina Italiana nel Mondo 2022”. It’s approved by the Italian Embassy and Italian Trade Agency in Kuala Lumpur.

Project with University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo

There will be an online course of 20 video lessons in collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG) of Pollenzo, in northern Italy. The historic city of Pollenzo is a jewel in the Piedmont region, famous for its wines and truffles from the Langhe region.

The video lessons are unique as UNISG celebrates the idea that gastronomy is everywhere, from “every product of the land, the seas, and the forests” to representing “every cuisine, from the simplest and most domestic to the most refined.”

Malaysians can learn about the identity and history of Italian cuisine through typical products and recipes from the 20 Italian regions.

For more information, visit

source – The Vibes

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