Sale of firecrackers, fireworks will be allowed

Sale of firecrackers, fireworks will be allowed

Local govt minister says decision made to end smuggling, will boost govt revenue through duties paid

PUTRAJAYA: The burning and selling of fireworks and firecrackers in the country will soon be allowed, subject to new regulations and guidelines to be issued.

Local Government Development Minister Nga Kor Ming said the matter was agreed in yesterday’s Cabinet meeting, as one of the measures that can increase the country’s income, and the government will control its sales activities at the source level, namely wholesalers and importers.

He said he expected the government’s income to increase through the imposition of import duties on licensees, which could reach hundreds of millions, and that the importation would be regulated by law.

He said that previously all forms of profit through the sale of firecrackers and fireworks were made by syndicates who brought the product into the country illegally during the festive season, and in terms of safety, no safety standards were set, causing accidents to occur.

“We leave it to the Ministry of Home Affairs to make guidelines and all the rules, how to apply for a license. The Ministry of Finance will determine the percentage of tax to be paid,” he said when met at the Interweaving of Goodwill Ceremony in conjunction with the Chinese New Year 2023 here today.

He said the decision was also agreed in yesterday’s Council of Ministers meeting in line with the approach of ‘BMW’ standard public toilets which are Bersih, Menawan and Wangi.

“So within this three-year period, we expect to implement this policy throughout the country, it is expected that 18,000 public toilets will also be kept clean, attractive and fragrant, in line with the policy of the Ministry of Local Government Development,” he said.

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