Sadly his body is getting bent, Zamani will undergo surgery

Sadly his body is getting bent, Zamani will undergo surgery

SINGER Zamani admits that he is sad to see his physical condition deteriorating after being diagnosed with scoliosis .

According to Zamani, he only realized the condition of his body that was bent from the videos of fans who were infected on social media.

“I’m not angry when people share the video, it’s just a little felt when people point out our situation. But when I look back at the video, then I see my true condition and look bad from the side.

“Before this, I looked in the mirror, I saw the front, but when I looked at the real situation from the side, I was really sad,” he added.

Zamani admitted that his spine would get worse and hurt if it was left untreated.

“Actually, my health condition is getting worse because I can no longer stand up straight. Now I have to have iron insertion surgery to support the spine.

“I’m a little worried because the stomach on the right side is getting more and more meatless.

“I want to walk, I want to work. For now, I am taking painkillers because there is no medicine for scoliosis. ”

As a result, the 51 -year -old vocalist of the Slam group will undergo surgery to treat his Scoliosis.

In fact, Zamani expressed that he was worried and afraid to perform the surgery because the chances of recovery were very small.

“The chances of recovery are very small because I am afraid the results will get worse, I have to sit in a wheelchair.

“But I have no other choice, I remember when using traditional medicine can be cured but now there is no change and it is getting worse,” said Zamani to the audience.

Zamani was spotted on the MeleTOP program which was broadcast live on Astro, Bukit Jalil last night.

Began to realize the disease in 2015, Zamani informed that the scoliosis in his body was apparently 20 years old.

“Now me and the doctor are still in the discussion stage because this surgery involve many parties such as my wife, family and also fans.

“I’m really scared, I’m fighting with my career and I need a lot of support from people around me to give me encouragement. This is also between life and death, “he explained.

In the meantime, Zamani informed that he has savings to cover the cost of surgery.

However, if the cost of the surgery required exceeds his savings, Zamani is willing to do a concert to raise funds.

“In terms of finance, my savings are small and if it is not enough, me and the management have a plan to do a concert or showcase to get funds.

“For now, I have a commitment to some performances, but the fans already know my situation and I will try to do my best,” he added.

Highly expecting prayers and support from people around, Zamani took the opportunity to thank her for the positive words he received.

“I want to thank all the fans who prayed for my health. Whatever happens after the surgery, I hope people can accept and pray for me.

“My wife takes care of me a lot, I am thankful to God for giving me a good wife. From the time I was healthy and until now, she has not stopped taking good care of me, she understands me and I am afraid when anything happens later, I have prepared everything for her, “he said at the end of the conversation.

source – GEMPAK

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