Sabian HHX Anthology European Debut at The UK Drum Show

Sabian Cymbals are pleased to announce the launch of their HHX Anthology range which will have its first European presentation at The UK Drum Show on the 2 & 3 April at The ACC Liverpool.

HHX Anthology is designed to unfold the full spectrum of ride and crash in each cymbal, without compromising sound or feel. Anthology allows YOU to designate the purpose of the cymbal and explore new terrain to play your way. An innovation that underscores instinct over orders, and creativity over categorisation.

Anthology comes in two versions, low bell and high bell. Low bell adds more control to the cymbal, which leans towards a traditional, sensitive elegant sound. Whilst the high bell boosts the amplitude of a cymbal which leans towards a contemporary, bold and projecting sound.

View product details here.

source – Music Instrument News

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