Ryan Bakery marriage, netizens praise ‘smart arr’

Ryan Bakery marriage, netizens praise ‘smart arr’

With one word, the influencer who is synonymous with the name Budak Bedak, Ryan Bakery has successfully married his partner, Elyia Ibrahim on Saturday.

The couple’s wedding ceremony was shared through several social media users including his own brother, Adam Bakery.

In fact, a clip of the couple’s wedding ceremony was also uploaded on the @stixoproduction account.

Ryan is smart wearing a white maternity baju Malaya complete with crotch and sideburns paired with sweet Elyia in a modern baju kurung.

The sharing was showered with congratulations from netizens who also praised the couple’s for not boasting about their wedding ceremony.

“Congratulations Ryan Bakery! Happy newlyweds. May they last until old age and forever. Smart arr, how does he do it?

“His wife is very beautiful, congratulations and happy newlyweds.

“Smart and beautiful couple, may they stay until heaven,” some social media users wrote on Adam’s account.

Earlier it went viral on social media when a woman came forward claiming that Ryan was her ex-boyfriend.

For the record, Ryan and Elyia got engaged on May 22, 2022.

source – Gempak


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