Royal experts criticise Meghan’s speech at One Young World Summit

Royal experts criticise Meghan’s speech at One Young World Summit

The Duchess of Sussex took the stage in the UK for the first time since leaving the country two years ago

MEGHAN Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, opened the stage for the One Young World summit in Manchester. It was her first speech in Britain since quitting as a royal and moving to California with her husband, Prince Harry.

During the event, the couple was seated in the front row of the stage, side by side, as they watched the evening’s proceedings.

Meghan told young leaders and delegates, “you are the future… you are the present.” She added, “you are the ones driving the positive and necessary change needed now, in this very moment.”

In her speech, she said it was “very nice to be back in the UK” and at the One Young World summit, which she has been affiliated with as a counsellor since 2014. However, royal experts critiqued her seven-minute speech, claiming it “lacked content” and that “she didn’t say anything.”

Author Phil Dampier remarked that she “wanted to sound sincere” while not addressing any urgent concerns. Robert Jobson said her remark about the UK “should be taken with a pinch of salt” after recent jibes at the Royal Family.

The former actress told the 2,000 delegates in attendance how her life has changed since she last joined the summit in 2019 – emphasising her role as a wife and a new mother – but avoided addressing her ascent into becoming a senior royal the year before.

Royal experts said Meghan’s address ‘didn’t tell the audience anything practical in terms of advice to fulfil their potential.’

The speech comes amid rising tensions between the Sussexes and the Royal Family that heightened last week after an interview in which Meghan suggested that the couple were forced to move across the Atlantic because “by existing, we were upsetting the dynamic of the hierarchy.”

In a relatively PR-friendly speech, gushed about Harry and the life-changing impact of becoming a mother. One Young World co-founder David Jones hailed Meghan as an “incredibly powerful voice for gender equality” but royal experts remain skeptical of her public performance.

“She was using her acting skills when she made the comment about being back in the UK,” Dampier told Mail Online. “She clearly launched a PR offensive having received hostility from the British press.”

‘If she met most members of the public in the UK she wouldn’t get good reception, but on stage with an audience that tends to be on her side – or is inclined to support her – she could get away saying very little and being applauded for it.”

Royal author Robert Jobson, echoed the sentiment, telling Mail Online, “there is no doubt that Meghan is a first-class orator. She speaks with passion and engages her audience. I am sure she is thrilled to have her voice back!”

“I’m sure too that after all the attacks she has made against the Queen and the British royal family Her Majesty leads, that her comment saying that it is good to be back in the UK should be taken with a pinch of salt.” Jobson accused the Duchess of having a “political agenda long term” and is paving the way for a role “maybe in Congress or the Senate.”

“But to do that I think she must ditch the royal ‘duchess’ title that is linked to a system and a family she appears to despise. If she did that it might placate some people in the UK who feel both Harry and Meghan should be stripped of their royal title.

“But as they use their links with royalty to promote themselves, I doubt she and her princely-born husband will ever do that,” he added.

Dampier remarked that, “she was clearly among friends and the young audience was clearly on her side. They were applauding fairly dull remarks that she was a wife and mother” adding “but in terms of what she was actually saying, I haven’t a clue.”

“The speech was really about her. She was using it as a platform to talk about herself and her past involvement with the organisation but it did not tell the audience anything practical in terms of advice to fulfil their potential.”

In her speech, the Duchess said since 2019, “my world view had expanded exponentially, seeing the global community through the eyes of my child”.

She also spoke about the first time she was asked to be a counsellor for One Young World in 2014 and having an out-of-body experience.

“And there I was, the girl from Suits. I was surrounded by world leaders, humanitarians, prime ministers, and activists that I had such a deep and long-standing respect and admiration for.
“And I was allowed in, to pull up a seat at the table. I was so overwhelmed by this experience; I even saved my little paper place marker with my name on it. Just proof: proof that I was there, proof that I belonged, because the truth was, I was not sure that I belonged.”

She added that she was filled with self-doubt despite her work as “important and meaningful”.

“I was so nervous, I doubted myself and I wondered, wondered if I was good enough to even be there? What I was doing in the world, albeit important and meaningful as far as I saw it, was it deserving to have a seat at this table?

“But One Young World saw in me what I wanted to see fully in myself. They saw in me, just as I see in you, the present and the future.”

She added, “my husband has long advocated for important and necessary impact in the world, focusing a huge part of his life’s work on the youth.

“For both of us, bearing witness to the power that you hold in your hands and the unbridled enthusiasm and energy that you have to see things come to fruition, it is just an absolute privilege.”
The couple flew commercially from the US to the UK and subsequently took the train from London to Manchester. They have reportedly hired ex-Metropolitan Police protection officers, who are said to now work in the private sector, as part of their security team, for the working trip.

The Duke is bringing legal action against the Home Office over a decision not to allow him to pay for police protection for himself and his family when in the UK.

Harry and Meghan are staying at their Frogmore Cottage home on the Windsor estate. But they are not expected to meet with the Cambridges, who have moved to Adelaide Cottage, less than a 10-minute walk away.

The Sussexes will be in Germany next, attending the Invictus Games Dusseldorf 2023 One Year To Go event. It is taking place on Tuesday, before they return to the UK for the WellChild Awards in London, where Harry is expected to deliver a speech on Thursday.

source – The Vibes

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