Ronaldo denies having sex with Venezuelan influence

Ronaldo denies having sex with Venezuelan influence

FOOTBALL STAR Cristiano Ronaldo has vehemently denied Portuguese media claims that he had sex with a Venezuelan influencer at a hotel in Portugal last year.

The influencer known as Georgilaya claimed Ronaldo texted her inviting her to his hotel room after she took a selfie with some players.

“When I read the message, I thought he just wanted to chat, get to know each other and maybe I could take a few more pictures. I didn’t think we’d sleep together.

“Although I allowed it to happen, I felt manipulated by the fame and power that Ronaldo has,” she said as quoted by The Sun UK .

Ronaldo denied the claim and described it as a ‘massive slander’.

Georgilaya, who is married, claimed the incident happened on March 25 last year, when the Portuguese team was preparing for the Qatar World Cup.

She also revealed that she was plagued with guilt and almost caused the collapse of her marriage.

Georgilaya claims that Ronaldo took her to room 312, where she agreed to have sex but felt used afterwards.

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