Roland Drops Limited Streetwear With Pleasures & James Lavelle

Roland Drops Limited Streetwear With Pleasures & James Lavelle

Roland, the world’s most iconic electronic musical instrument brand, is partnering with Roland Lifestyle to release a limited apparel collaboration through PLEASURES with Mo’Wax and UNKLE founder James Lavelle. Lavelle has a long history of using Roland musical equipment in his music, and PLEASURES is inspired by late ‘90s and early 2000s creatives. Together the brands are uniting for an apparel capsule release that will be launched globally on October 15, 2022.

PLEASURES has worked with James Lavelle and Roland Lifestyle to present this extensive capsule collection highlighting the history and importance of UNKLE and Mo’Wax, which consists of carefully designed pieces that celebrate the legacy of all of the brands involved, including a nod to the Roland Boutique TB-03 Bass Line. This limited-edition collection also features artwork by the iconic artist Eric Haze.

The new PLEASURES apparel capsule will be previewed at Roland’s flagship retail store in London on October 12, 2022, and celebrated later that evening with a free concert at HERE at Outernet. HERE at Outernet, recently described by NME as the largest live events venue to be built in London’s city center since the 1940s, is just steps away from Roland’s very first stand-alone retail store located at 10 Denmark Street.

PLEASURES soundsystem concert series in collaboration with Mo’Wax will present DJ James Lavelle (UNKLE) + special guests live at HERE at Outernet 8:00 PM – 1:30 AM on October 12. Free General Admission RSVPs to the show are availablevia DICE online and free VIP tickets to the show will be available via Roland’s flagship retail store on Denmark Street while supplies last from October 8 – 12. On the morning of October 12, Roland’s store will also have a limited number of pre-releases from the PLEASURES apparel collaboration available for sale. Customers arriving early that day (the Roland store opens at 10:30 AM) will be amongst the first to be able to purchase items from the PLEASURES collection and can pick up a free VIP ticket to attend the show later that night (while supplies last, no purchase necessary).

“Roland products have always been a part of my musical journey,” said James Lavelle, founder of Mo’Wax and UNKLE. “Teaming up with my friends at PLEASURES and Roland to release this beautiful project is a reminder of why collaborative creation is so important and a testament to the powerful intersection that music and fashion create.”

Mo’Wax Records and UNKLE founder, James Lavelle, is a true pioneer, an original disruptor of the UK music underground whose cross-disciplinary approach in the ‘90s was years ahead of its time. Through personal connections with iconic brands, while working at the intersection of music, fashion, and art, James helped pave the way for today’s collaborative culture. Today, he continues to push the boundaries, whether through UNKLE or his work as a cutting-edge curator.

“The type of impact Roland, Mo’Wax, UNKLE, and James Lavelle have had on music and culture is what inspired us to start PLEASURES,” said Vlad Elkin, co-founder of PLEASURES. “Collaborations that honor the legacy of people and brands is part of our ethos, and it has been an honor to bring an eclectic group of brands and people together for this capsule collection.”

“Bringing music, fashion, and art together to release a capsule collection and produce a show that celebrates the impact of these iconic brands is legacy in the making,” said Nathan Chandra, founder of Roland Lifestyle. “It has been an amazing experience to be a part of this project, and the care that has gone into this collaboration is an indication of how much respect all parties involved in this initiative have for each other.”

For more details on the PLEASURES streetwear collaboration with Roland Lifestyle, Mo’Wax, and UNKLE, please visit the Roland store at 10 Denmark Street in London October 12 and visit PLEASURES online store on October 15.

About Roland Lifestyle

Founded in late 2020, Roland Lifestyle’s mission is to bridge music, fashion, and culture by telling Roland’s iconic story through apparel and collectable products. This stems from a desire to reach beyond musicians using the Roland products to fans of the company and more importantly, the music it helps create. Roland Lifestyle has the power to educate fashion and music enthused audiences about the legacy of Roland, through a medium they can relate to, wear every day, and collect. Roland Lifestyle: Web, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

About Roland Corporation

For 50 years, Roland’s innovative electronic musical instruments and multimedia products have fueled inspiration in artists and creators around the world. Embraced by hobbyists and professionals alike, the company’s trendsetting gear spans multiple categories, from pianos, synthesizers, guitar products, and electronic percussion to DJ controllers, audio/video solutions, live streaming products, and more. As technology evolves, Roland continues to lead the way for gigging musicians, producers, and beatmakers, providing modern software-based solutions and seamless creative workflows between hardware products, computers, and mobile devices. Now, for the first time ever, Roland is bridging music and culture with its first-ever apparel line via Roland Lifestyle. For more information, visit

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