Roland Announces FP-E50 Digital Piano

Roland Announces FP-E50 Digital Piano

Roland has announced the FP-E50, a powerful new addition to the acclaimed FP series lineup of portable digital pianos. The FP-E50 delivers a premium piano experience enhanced with advanced technologies derived from other Roland keyboards, including the ZEN-Core sound engine, interactive accompaniments, and professional vocal effects. Adding in Bluetooth® audio/MIDI support, onboard recording, computer connectivity, and expansion options on Roland Cloud, the FP-E50 is a complete creative hub for learning, entertaining, and writing music.
The FP-E50 offers all the core features that have made the award-winning FP digital piano series so popular worldwide. The portable and attractive design is easy to carry, while onboard stereo speakers provide immersive sound for home playing and intimate performances. Users can connect external speakers for more sound coverage if needed and plug in headphones to practice without disturbing others.

While the FP-E50 is filled with advanced features, getting around on the instrument is frustration-free. The top-level display shows sound, tempo, and other essential information, and the clean panel layout provides direct access to sound selection, favorite tones, keyboard transposition, and more. Many buttons include long-press functions to save settings or tweak deeper parameters without menu diving. And with Scenes, users can instantly recall complete keyboard setups with single actions.
The FP-E50 will appeal to both beginning and advanced pianists, offering a rich foundation for learning, practicing, and performing. Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine provides the authentic feel and interactive response of an acoustic grand. The 88 full-size keys complete the experience, with hammer action, escapement, and Ivory Feel material providing the same touch as a world-class acoustic instrument.
The FP-E50 also features the expandable ZEN-Core sound engine, the same advanced sound generator used in professional Roland synthesizers like JUPITER-X and FANTOM. A total of 1018 onboard tones include historic Roland synth sounds, brass and orchestral voices, guitars and basses, world sounds, drums, and many others. Users can freely layer piano and ZEN-Core tones or assign different sounds to the left and right hands.
With its intelligent auto-accompaniment tools and nearly 200 onboard music styles, the FP-E50 put a full band under the player’s command. Arrangements are controlled with left-hand fingering, from easy one-note triggering for beginners to full-chord detection for advanced players. Interactive mode lets the player guide the volume and energy of the backing in real time, while the Chord Sequencer provides colorful chord progressions for improvisation and melody development.

FP-E50 users can take their music further with an ever-expanding selection of content on Roland Cloud. EXZ Wave Expansions and SDZ Sound Packs are available to customize the ZEN-Core sound engine with genuine Roland sounds and curated content from leading sound designers. Coming early in 2023, Z-Style Packs will allow players to grow and personalize their accompaniment library with pro styles for popular music and regional genres around the world.
Players can also sing along with keyboard performances using the FP-E50’s mic input and studio-grade vocal effects. The auto-harmony function creates real-time vocal harmonies that follow the chords, while the fun voice transformer provides controls to change the vocal gender or create robot sounds. There’s also a powerful vocoder, plus an ambience effect, compressor, and noise suppressor to enhance vocal sounds.

The FP-E50 includes Bluetooth audio/MIDI support, allowing users to stream music through the onboard sound system and work with music production apps like Roland Zenbeats. Numerous stands and pedals are available for home and mobile use, including an option that creates a unified upright piano look with three integrated pedals.
Availability & Pricing

The Roland FP-E50 Digital Piano ​will be available in the U.S. in January for $999.99. To learn more about the FP-E50, visit

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