RockBoard ISO Power Block V10 Multi Power Supply

RockBoard ISO Power Block V10 Multi Power Supply

The RockBoard ISO Power Block V10 is a multi power supply fort effects pedals that offers 10 transformer isolated and highly filtered power slots – 8 x 9 volts (isolated) with a max. current output of 150 mA each, und 2 x 18 volts (isolated) with a max. current out put of 400 mA each – for separately powering a total of up to 10 effects pedals simultaneously without any noise. The advanced filtering technology used in each of the power slots prevents high frequency noise. Through individual short circuit protection for each slot, connected effects pedals are effectively protected in case of a short circuit. Individual LEDs indicate short circuits for each of the 9V outputs. In case of a short circuit, only the affected slot is being turned off, so undesturbed use of the rest of the effects pedals is guaranteed.


multi-power supply for effects pedals, 10 transformer isolates power slots
advanced filter technology prevents high-frequency noise
external transformer prevents low-frequency interference
total current output 2.000 mA
8 x 9V power outputs @ 150 mA each, 2 x 18V power outputs @ 400 mA each
individual status LEDs and short circuit protection for all 9V DC slots
1 x power adapter 18V DC, 2A with plug adapters (EU, UK, US/CA, AU/NZ)
10 x RockBoard Flat Power Cable, 60 cm, incl. 1 x RockBoard Power Ace Voltage Doubler
Y-Cable, incl. 1 x RockBoard Power Ace Current Doubler Y-Cable,
dimensions (L x W x H) 123 x 70 x 26 mm / 4 13/16″ x 2 3/14″ x 1″, weight 180 g / 0,4 lb.
For international pricing please contact your local distributor or dealer.
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source – Music Instrument News

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