Rizman Ruzaini targets sales of RM10 million a month

Rizman Ruzaini targets sales of RM10 million a month

17 years of making strides in the field of fashion design, the Rizman Ruzaini (RR) brand is now no longer a stranger among the country’s fashion lovers.

Starting this business empire through the talent they possess, now two good friends, Rizman and Ruzaini are not only proud to be a fashion designer but also a successful entrepreneur.

Adding value in the efforts they are showing now, after almost two decades the brand has also become among the prides of many when the work of these two local children began to penetrate the international market not only in the creative industry but also beauty products.

If at the beginning of the emergence of this brand was closer to designs for celebrities and exclusive bridal wear, now RR is not only focused on designs for certain groups only.

Wanting to ensure that RR is the choice of many, one of the main focus of this brand is also to market ready-to-wear fashion designs to all groups in Malaysia. From the Queen to famous celebrities to school teachers, everyone can now be stylish in RR fashion.

Apart from clothes, among the RR designs that have also received attention is the exclusive collection of hijabs which is the craze of RR brand fans now.

Maintaining precision in every pattern introduced, the emergence of the Mono Scarves collection series turned out to be among those close enough to the fans of this brand.

Introduced over a year ago, Mono Scarves remain the choice of many women out there who are comfortable with an injection of elegant and sophisticated style.

Seeing the response received by Mono Scarves as something unexpected, for Rizman and Ruzaini, it became their dream to celebrate the support of fans of this collection in their own way.

In conjunction with celebrating the first anniversary of RR Mono Scarves, seven celebrities have been appointed as the ‘muse’ for this collection of scarves.

Apparently, among the strategies behind the involvement of Ziana Zain, Izara Aishah, Aina Abdul, Amyra Rosli, Kilafairy, Hawa Rizwana and Rizman’s suri hati, Nurida Suraya is another way to ensure that this collection of Mono Scarves which has 45 different colors continues to be an option. .

According to Rizman, they are also confident in the ability of this appointed celebrity to be a good marketing platform for RR’s own brand.

“Since long ago at Rizman Ruzaini, we have been comfortable working with celebrities. It’s not just a matter of relationships, but how this group also has a good impact on the RR brand.

“So the selection of seven celebrities to represent the RR hijab collection is the right choice in ensuring that RR remains relevant in the country’s fashion industry.

“The question of why these seven celebrities were chosen to represent the RR hijab collection, we see that each of them has a different group of fans.

“In line with our dream to ensure that the RR brand is accepted by all groups, so through the introduction of this celebrity is able to realize our hopes to ensure that RR becomes one of the fashion brands that are close to Malaysians,” he said.

Targeting sales of RM 10 Million per month, RR is currently also maximizing the use of purchases through their official website at WWW.RIZMANRUZAINI.MY which is seen as easy access for all their customers to get RR products.

Touching on the first response to the RR Mono Scarves collection, Ruzaini saw this as their first effort to appreciate loyal buyers of RR products.

He said, apart from the massive celebration held at the RR Hijab Pop-up Store in front of the Pavilion with seven celebrities today, among the very special ones, they also offered free hijabs to their customers.

“What happened today is not only for us at RR but those who are the reason why RR continues to be here until today. Without the support of RR buyers and consumers, we would not have been able to survive for 17 years.

“So this RR Mono Scarves anniversary celebration is a good start for us to give back their trust with an event like this.

“Today (recently) we also distributed 300 free scarves to previous buyers of Mono Scarves, the easy way is to just wear a scarf from the same collection to get a new one.

“Besides that, fans of every celebrity appointed today also have the opportunity to get a discount of up to 50 percent for the purchase of RR Mono Scarves on the RR website,” he said.

Meanwhile, at the celebration, RR also announced the winner of the Face of RR Hijab who will also bring home cash along with a contract with the RR brand worth RM10,000.

At the same time, it gives an opportunity to the winners of this first-ever search to be the exclusive face of RR products.

source – wilayahku


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