Rizman Ruzaini introduces Junior Designer, launching the affordable RR Bridal ’23 collection

Rizman Ruzaini introduces Junior Designer, launching the affordable RR Bridal ’23 collection

Famous fashion designer Rizman Ruzaini is quite synonymous with bridal dress design, 17 years of building this brand through exclusive and luxurious designs, it turns out that the creativity of two famous designers Rizman Nordin and Ruzaini Jamil is often the choice.

Providing quality assurance as the basis for each of their creations, Rizman Ruzani’s designs are now not only stylish enough to be used as ordinary clothes, but also to be the choice of most brides, from ordinary people to dignitaries and celebrities.

Seeing the widespread acceptance of this brand among Malaysians, Rizman Ruzaini now appears with the dream of styling every bride-to-be in the country.

Rizman Ruzaini introduces the Junior Designer and launches the RR Bridal ’23 collection that all brides-to-be can afford.

Formulating this dream over the past few years, one of the first steps taken by this brand is to introduce a Junior Designer who will assist Rizman Ruzaini Bridal in realizing this plan.

“This is not a new thing in the world of international fashion, in fact other famous brands have young designers as lining. At Rizman Ruzaini itself we want to go to a further destination and having someone who will carry our aspirations at this time is very important.

“Not an easy job, during this search period as well, the main element we take into account is the Junior Designer who will be selected to understand Rizman Ruzaini’s DNA.

“Alhamdulillah, after almost a year, we found Akmal who we believe is capable of perfecting every design with Rizman Ruzaini’s touch,” he said.

NABILA Razali, Hawa Rizwana and Azira Shafinaz are among the celebrities who styled the RR Bridal ’23 collection.

Seeing Akmal’s presence as a benchmark for their business now, explained Rizman, it is important for each of their customers out there to know that the results of each Junior Designer design will still be monitored by Rizman and Ruzaini themselves. This is to ensure that the aesthetic value that is always the desire of this brand will continue to be maintained.

“We want to be a part of the important day of every bride in Malaysia, that’s what we both dream about. But we have to be realistic. For me, the issue of payment rates is still the main agenda for brides out there.

“So the presence of this junior designer is our solution for all brides-to-be. With a starting price of only RM4,000 it is no longer impossible for them to wear Rizman Ruzaini brand clothing on their historic day. ” he explained.

It is not only necessary to be creative in matters of design, Rizman added that the criteria that are also emphasized in the selection of Junior Designers are also self-presentation and the ability to communicate well.

“There is no doubt that when it comes to talent we meet many young and talented designers, but one of their biggest mistakes is to see this industry as their stepping stone to be in the glamorous world. Not a bad thing really, but the main focus they need to see is business and the glamorous world is just a bonus to be in this industry.

“Besides that, for me, designers must also have the ability to deliver what the customer wants. A good design is a design that touches the personal style of each wearer,” he said.

While sharing his gratitude, Akmal said he was lucky enough to be under the management of two of the country’s famous designers. The Sandakan, Sabah native added that as promised he will channel his creativity that is adapted to each design of this brand.

“I want to thank Rizman and Ruzaini for believing in my talent. It is not easy for me to carry a brand of this size, therefore when given the opportunity I think this is the best time for me to challenge myself,” he explained

source – wilayahku


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