Rizky Febian is believed to have received RM1.2 million in ‘illegal money

Rizky Febian is believed to have received RM1.2 million in ‘illegal money

Rizky Febian is believed to have received RM1.2 million in ‘illegal money’ payments and is being investigated by the police

Well -known Indonesian singer, Rizky Febian was reportedly called by the police to assist in the investigation into the receipt of payment for the purchase of his product which is believed to be the result of online gambling money.

According to local media reports, Rizky is believed to have received a payment of Rp400 million (RM1.2 million) from millionaire entrepreneur Doni Salmanan. The payment is a transaction for the sale and purchase of beverage products from Rizky in September 2021.

Rizky, who is also the son of comedian Sule, was reported by local media as having been present at the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police, South Jakarta on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Doni, who received the nickname “Crazy Rich Bandung” is currently detained by the police on suspicion of running an illegal business, namely online gambling using the Quotex platform.

After undergoing an interrogation session, Rizky’s lawyer, Ahmad Ramzey told the media that the singer knew Doni in September 2021.

Rizky, who underwent a four -hour interrogation session, admitted that the payment from the drinks received from Doni was partly donated while the other half was given to a foundation in need.

“Yes, the news already knows. If that (money) I do it for charity, for the foundation at that time,” said Rizky as reported by Kompas.

Earlier, Rizky had the opportunity to share his excitement because the sale of his drink was bid by the millionaire until it reached a price of RM1.2 million.

“I’m still shaking. This is very unexpected for drinks, a lot of people put high prices up to the highest price of 400,000,000 (RM1.2 million) @donisalmanan,” Rizky wrote at the time through his social media account.

For the record, apart from Rizky, there are some of the republican celebrities who have also received gifts or money from Doni who is believed to be cheating and running the illegal business.

These include Atta Halilintar who received a Christian Dior handbag and couple Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar who received donations during their marriage.


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