Ride the new ‘choley’ attraction in Kampung Seberang Ramai

Ride the new ‘choley’ attraction in Kampung Seberang Ramai

KUALA PERLIS: Malaysians who want to experience the experience of riding a ‘choley’ or tricycle no longer need to go to Thailand because they can now get the service at the Royal Project for the Transformation of Colorful Villages Seberang Ramai, here.

Armed with capital of RM4,000, a young man, Nur Afiq Nasharudin bought specially ordered choley from Thailand to generate additional income for his family and share his sustenance with the youth in his village.

“I got this idea after seeing the difficulties of tourists who are elderly and expectant mothers having to walk a long way to enjoy the beauty of this village.

“Based on my experience of riding a choley in Thailand, I was looking for a way to bring this vehicle in legally here and Alhamdulillah I managed to get one last month,” he said.

Nur Afiq fondly known as ‘Mat Apit’ among the villagers said, he did not expect that the new tourism product would receive a favorable response from domestic and foreign tourists when it started operations on the Chinese New Year holiday, 22 January last.

“If I get capital assistance from the authorities, I plan to add another choley to accommodate the high demand, especially on public holidays and weekends,” he said, who was also helped by his village friends to take turns bringing visitors on public holidays and weekends.

According to Nur Afiq on the weekend he is able to handle between seven to nine trips from morning to late afternoon for a fee of RM35 to take tourists around the Royal Project of the Multi-Colored Village Transformation Program.

It covers seven villages namely Kampung Tengah, Kampung Tanjung, Kampung Seberang Alur, Kampung Seberang Jaya, Kampung Pulau Ketam, Kampung Tandiap and Kampung Baru Tandiap which takes 45 minutes to one hour according to tourist demand.

He said, apart from taking selfies and enjoying the beauty of the village, tourists will stop by to buy village products such as dodol, putu kacang, maskat halwa and Kuala Perlis laksa as souvenirs.

“I feel proud that in addition to bringing tourists, I can be a small ambassador to promote this village,” he said.

Meanwhile, a tourist, Mohd Anwar Leman, 53, from Melaka said, he had taken a choley or tuk tuk when traveling to Thailand and Indonesia, but the experience at the Royal Project of the Seberang Ramai Colorful Village Transformation Program was more unique because he could see the beauty of his own country.

“The choley ride experience here is very enjoyable because in addition to enjoying the beauty of the village, the choley driver tells the history of the transformation of this village which was the brainchild of the Young Raja of Perlis, Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra Jamalullail starting in 2020.

“Personally, I am impressed by the efforts of the Perlis Council of Islamic Religion and Malay Customs (MAIPs) which succeeded in transforming a fishing village into an attractive tourism product that cannot be found anywhere else,” he said.

Development of the Royal Project of the Seberang Ramai Colorful Village Transformation Program is one of MAIPs efforts to develop the economy of the residents in the area and indirectly empower the state’s tourism assets.


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