Richter Jeff Hanneman Memento Guitar Strap

Richter Jeff Hanneman Memento Guitar Strap

RICHTER®, currently used by members of Korn, Megadeth, Lamb of God, Rammstein, Aerosmith and others, is proud to announce its collaboration with Kathryn Hanneman on the first ever signature strap to bear the name of Slayer founding member and guitarist Jeff Hanneman.

The strap is the brainchild of longtime Hanneman guitar tech and RICHTER® associate Warren Lee, produced in an effort to pay tribute to the tragically fallen axe-slinger, who wrote some of Slayer’s most iconic riffs including, “Raining Blood”, “South of Heaven” and “Angel of Death”. Jeff’s wife Kathryn has directly green-lighted the strap, which offers fans a special way to keep Jeff close as they shred.

The strap features a silhouette of Hanneman, as well as his signature, dates of his birth and passing, plus a unique Jeff Hanneman logo created exclusively for the strap.

Width: 3.15 inches
(8 cm)
Length adjustable: 36.2 – 56.9 inches inches
(92 – 144 cm)
Very softly padded guitar strap with a comfortable padded hem. Highest wearing comfort. A classy stitched seam gives the strap a noble contour. Reinforced area around the pin holes.

The ergonomic padding made of special cold foam runs throughout the entire shoulder part.

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