RFP 2022 presents Malaysian Family activities

RFP 2022 presents Malaysian Family activities

ROYAL Floria Putrajaya (RFP) 2022 promises a variety of flower exhibition packages as well as activities synonymous with the spirit of the ‘Malaysian Family’.

According to the Minister of Federal Territories, Datuk Seri Dr Shahidan Kassim, the Royal Floria Putrajaya Festival 2022 aims to cultivate and nurture a sense of love for the beauty of various colors of flowers and plants that are closely related to Malaysian culture.

“It can bring together Malaysians from various levels, cultures, beliefs and races to participate in more than 100 programs and activities provided throughout the seven days of this festival.

“It simultaneously cultivates landscape and plantation activities as a healthy and prosperous lifestyle,” he said when speaking at the Opening Ceremony of the 2022 Putrajaya Royal Floria Festival and Garden today.

In addition, Shahidan said the organization of the RFP every year helps contribute to the improvement of the flowers, landscaping and tourism industry.

“Festivals like this help contribute to increasing the potential of the flower, landscape and tourism industry as one of the country’s main economic sectors (NKEA) and further drive the development of this industry as an alternative investment that benefits the country and its people.

“Currently, flower festivals and quality gardens and landscapes are an economic product that is an important contributor to the country’s tourism sector.

“It can trigger a wide range of business and service opportunities covering the fields of commercial nurseries; supply of flower and decorative plant materials; landscape consulting and maintenance; plantation; supply of plantation machinery and equipment; flower tree rental, flower decoration, environmental consultation, natural resource conservation and eco-tourism,” he said.

The 12th festival with the theme of Floria Hebat with orchids as the theme flower brings together 10,000 orchids exhibited with more than 400,000 trees from various species and cultivars of flowers and ornamental plants.

source – wilayahku


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