Reza Rahadian shared the story of converting to Islam, not being thrown out of the family just for converting

Reza Rahadian shared the story of converting to Islam, not being thrown out of the family just for converting

Indonesian actor, Reza Rahadian recently told the story of how he who was raised in a family of faithful Christians chose to embrace Islam.

To Daniel Menanta, the star of the movie Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan 2 admitted that his family, especially his mother, is a hardcore Christian.

He was even sent to a Christian school until he was a teenager and visited the church every Sunday.

“I was raised as a Christian (Christian) and was sent to a specialized Christian school with every week to church.

“The late Glenn Fredly (singer) used to be my teacher in the church,” recalled the man from Bogor, Indonesia in an interview posted on Daneil Menanta’s YouTube page.

However, as an adult, he decided to convert to Islam, embracing Islam.

Without stating specifically at what age he converted to Islam, Reza insisted the decision taken was not driven by anyone.

“My transition to embrace Islam was not out of coercion or according to people, let alone because of love for example.

“It was my own decision. Not because of work or partner. I was just convinced after ‘dialogue’ with God, I wanted to be a convert,” he said honestly.

The award -winning film star later said her decision to embrace Islam was welcomed by her mother, let the woman hold fast to her religion.

“Mama said that (being a convert) is my right. She just told me, when I embrace Islam, I should practice my ibadah or religion,” said the 34 -year -old man.

In fact, he said, today, the mother and other families are still Christians and celebrate Christmas, while he is happy to be a Muslim and perform worship without restrictions.

He said: “My mom still celebrates Christmas and other festivals or ceremonies at home. I’m okay. And where I pray, mom also sometimes prays there.”

Earlier, in the same interview, Reza made a shocking confession that he had lied about his father’s death since childhood.

Ironically, he never knew or knew whether his father was still alive or really had died because he had never met him.

“Dad left us when I was little and I don’t know how he was, alive or dead,” she admitted.

source – Gempak

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