Review – Zildjian K Cluster Crashes

Review – Zildjian K Cluster Crashes

Here’s the latest review from our sister-site Drummer’s Review of a selection of Zildjian K Cluster Crashes, featuring…

16″, 18″ & 20″ Models,
Highly polished, tightly lathed bows,
Raw, un-polished bells,
Traditional Zildjian K hammer patters with extra hammer clusters.

Zildjian Says…“Expanding on the Zildjian K line, and exploring new trashy, alternative sounds, the K Cluster Crashes fills your special effects needs without the holes. Characterised by distinct cluster hammer marks and a distinct ‘dirty’ sound. The K Cluster Crashes are extra thin in weight with an un-lathed bell and feature the traditional K style hammering technique with additional cluster hammer marks that create a darker, trashier sound with a fast attack and great response.”

Find out Matt & Nick’s thoughts in the video above!!

Zildjian K Cluster Crashes – UK RRP:

16″ Crash – £279.00

18″ Crash – £329.00

20″ Crash – £369.00

For more info, visit:

source – Music Instrument News

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