Review: PanAmor Handpans

Review: PanAmor Handpans

Here’s the latest review from the team at our sister-site Drummer’s Review of a selection of PanAmor Handpans, featuring…

Basic Model:

D Celtic Scale

Notes: D/ A C D E F G A C

UK RRP: £1300.00

Spectra Model:

E Kurd Scale

Notes: E/ B C D E F# G A B C

UK RRP: £1600.00

7empest Danny Carey Signature Model:

D Mixolydian Scale

Notes: D/ A C D E F# G A C D E

UK RRP: £2400.00 (limited to 33 pans)

7empest Danny Carey Signature Model (bass):

F2 Pygmy Scale (notes in brackets are bass / underside notes)

Notes: F2/ (C3,Eb3) F G Ab C Eb F G Ab

UK RRP: £2400.00 (limited to 33 pans)

Both 7empest pans also available as a pair for UK RRP: £4000.00 (limited to 9 pairs)

PanAmor Says…“Here at PanAmor Handpans we put our heart and soul into sculpting instruments commonly known as handpans. Our instruments are produced using the highest quality sheet steel available, are nitrided and are processed with a variety of tools that allow for extremely consistent results.

A lot of thought is put into the geometry of the tonefields to allow for a stable, well-balanced instrument and the most harmonious relationship between the notes possible.

Ultimately our goal is to create a thing of beauty. An instrument for everyone, tuned to precision to sing a crystalline song.

Whether your a musician looking for definition, a busker looking for volume or someone looking for a very accessible musical instrument…We welcome you here at PanAmor Sound Sculptures to explore how we can customise the right handpan for you.”

Find out the team’s thoughts in the video above!!

Huge thank-you to Daryl, our guest demonstrator, for putting each of the pans through their paces!!
For more info, visit:

source – Music Instrument News

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