Review – Barnes & Mullins BMUK5CE Concert Ukulele

Review – Barnes & Mullins BMUK5CE Concert Ukulele

The team at our sister-site Acoustic Review recently took a look at a Barnes & Mullins BMUK5CE Concert Ukulele, featuring…

Laminated walnut top, sides & back,
382mm scale length,
GCAE tuning,
Bevelled armrest,
UK-300 pre-amp,
Built in tuner,
Volume, bass & treble controls.

Barnes & Mullins Say….“Barnes & Mullins BMUK5 ukuleles feature beautifully figured Walnut top, back and sides. A dense wood, Walnut delivers a warm and full-bodied tone with excellent low-end character. The stunning mid brown grain textures of BMUK5 Walnut ukes are further brought to life with an all-over high gloss finish and accentuated with a patterned binding and bevelled edge for extra comfort and aesthetic appeal. A corresponding patterned rosette completes these classy ukuleles.

This electro model features an onboard preamp with tuner, volume, bass and treble controls, making it a fantastic choice if you’re someone who plays ukulele in an amplified ensemble or band setup. BMUK5 ukuleles feature strap buttons for attaching a ukulele strap.

Concert ukuleles are the second largest of the three common sizes of ukulele (soprano, concert, tenor). Their size offers a good compromise between smaller soprano and larger tenor ukuleles.

They feature a larger fret spacing and slightly wider neck than their soprano brethren – meaning they’re easy to play as they there’s more space on the fingerboard to master the chord shapes. The concert size is a great choice for players of any experience or skill level.

Their larger body means they naturally produce a full sound and warm tone with more mid-range emphasis than the soprano. They’re therefore excellent accompaniment ukuleles that blend well alongside other instruments.”

Find out the teams thoughts in the video above!!

Barnes & Mullins BMUK5CE Concert Ukulele: UK RRP: £145.00

source – Music Instrument News

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