Reunited! Tan Hong Ming, Ummi Khazriena paired again through a special Merdeka advertisement

Reunited! Tan Hong Ming, Ummi Khazriena paired again through a special Merdeka advertisement

The appearance of August is indeed quite special in the hearts of Malaysians.

After all, at the end of this month or more precisely on August 31, we will all celebrate National Day.

Every time the National Day celebration takes place, we will always be served with various interesting advertisements and campaigns from various parties to trigger a stronger spirit of patriotism.

When we talk about national or independence day celebration advertisements we will definitely not forget about the heart-wrenching advertisement story between two children named Tan Hong Ming and Ummi Khazriena.

Although the ad was only 33 seconds long, the impact produced by the ad titled ‘Tan Hong Min In Love’ remains to this day.

That is the magical result left by the country’s outstanding employee, the late Yasmin Ahmad.

Through a special advertisement broadcast in 2007, it highlights how a boy named Tan Hong Ming sincerely, naively and carelessly tells the story of his first love with his classmate Ummi Khazriena Skhrudin.

The nature of not knowing the meaning of race, skin color and religion is seen as successfully conveying the message of racial harmony among Malaysians until now.

It can be said that every year, many people talk about the cuteness of the two of them who appeared in the advertisement. And now after about 15 years, Tan Hong Min and Ummie Khazriena are reunited through a Merdeka advertisement published by leading Penang-based sports and lifestyle jersey manufacturers, Lokalteez and Teamwear.

Through the video titled ‘Ummi & Tan Hong Ming: Remembering Yasmin Ahmad’, at first they seemed quite shy. After all, they haven’t seen eye to eye for a long time. Despite being so far away in the corner of their hearts, they were both quite excited to be able to meet again. The friendship between them also cannot be denied still exists quite well.

Ummi explained that the last time they both met was in 2016 for an advertisement. Then each seems to be busy with their own personal affairs and rarely communicate.

Ummi, who is currently working as an executive, and Tan Hong Ming, who has just graduated in psychology from Sunway University, were able to reminisce about working under the direction of the famous director, Yasmin Ahmad.

When asked about his opinion about the late Yasmin Ahmad, Tan Hong Ming excitedly shared his opinion. “The late Yasmin Ahmad succeeded in highlighting the sense of goodwill in his work. And I think that is the best quality that Yasmin Ahmad has.

As for Ummi, she thinks Arwah Yasmin Ahmad is an artistic person with extraordinary talent. That’s why through his work he managed to bring out the feeling and soul.

“For Ummi, she is one in a million”, he added.

Happy 65th National Day!

source – Maskulin

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