Restaurants charge warm water RM2!

Restaurants charge warm water RM2!

PORT DICKSON: warm water RM2 and plain water RM1! That’s the charge allegedly imposed by a restaurant here, which netizens described as absurd.

The receipt was shared by a customer on his Facebook post on Tuesday and was shared by 208 users as of 7pm on Tuesday until it went viral.

The total amount of the bill uploaded by the customer involved, including food and other drinks, is RM102.

He also advised the public to be careful if they go to eat at the shop in Port Dickson.

“If anyone goes to PD, be careful there is a restaurant in… the number shop… don’t do blood-sucking business.

“Eat for four, mixed rice…want to get rich fast. Apparently when I checked on the web…many people have been affected,” he wrote.

The owner of the account using the name N’sa Saliza in the comment section said, if in other places, the restaurant owner would only give empty water to customers.

Sharifah Fazilah Syed Agil Al Qadri wrote, “the empty water can be charged because you want to use gas and water. It all costs money, but not up to RM1”.

Panda Panda Doremon wrote, “Empty water up to RM1…perhaps ruqyah water” and Jasmin Mynn wrote, “Empty water costs RM1 too much”.

In addition, the owner of the account using the name Zulkarnaen Zakaria wrote, “Warm water equals the price of rice”.

In the comment section, a netizen said that the restaurant involved is known for its expensive prices and has been subject to action before.

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