Renowned flautist composes new tune to celebrate Merdeka, Malaysia day

Renowned flautist composes new tune to celebrate Merdeka, Malaysia day

Perambalam Arumugam dedicates his new original composition, Nada Seruling, to Malaysia

ACCLAIMED Malaysian flautist Perambalam Arumugam, affectionately known as Uncle Perul to his peers, has enjoyed a lengthy career as a musician and instrumentalist.

His interest in music was sowed at the tender age of eight with a communal band called Honey Band, which comprised young boys from his neighborhood’s Indian settlement of Kampung Pandan.

They made music from empty containers and tins filled with sand and other makeshift appliances. Inspired by his uncle, he started playing the flute at 10 and has never looked back since.

On the occasion of the nation’s 65th Merdeka Day and 59th Malaysia day, the musician’s latest endeavour is a piece titled ‘Nada Seruling’, an original composition dedicated to all the people of this country.

“What better way to give back to the country, especially after we all had to hurdle the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns? I love my country and I want to continue playing at this age because one would always learn something new about music every day,” he said at a launch event in Vida Bukit Ceylon.

The song, available to view on Youtube, incorporates Chinese, Indian, Malay and other Malaysian ethnic groups’ musical influences in its arrangement, and even a verse in rap – a first for the musician.

“Rap music, which I did not think could blend in with the music of the classical instruments, indeed fit right in and made the entire music video and song sound so melodious,” Perambalam said.

Uncle Perul is the composer of over 120 songs for radio and TV shows during his 60-year career. His musical journey has taken him worldwide, performing in Australia, France, India, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore.

He has also played for some of Malaysia’s finest singers like Datuk Sharifah Aini, M. Sharif, DJ Dave, Nasir P Ramlee, S. Atan, Omar Nawab and many others.

Within the Carnatic scene, he collaborated with masters like O.S. Arun, Sudha Ragunathan and Adyar K. Lakshman. He has performed in dance concerts by Datuk Ramli Ibrahim (Malaysia), Dr Chandra Banu (Australia) and Swarnamukhi (India).

As part of his interest in sharing his musical talent and experience, Perambalam has also done countless charity shows locally and abroad.

“If you want to be a musician, you need to pour in your time and effort. No such thing as being an overnight sensation just by joining a few music lessons; it takes years to master an instrument.”

source – The Vibes

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