#RekaanRakyat: The Assistant, Kill-Fist, and Ceroboh expand slate of Malaysian films on Netflix

#RekaanRakyat: The Assistant, Kill-Fist, and Ceroboh expand slate of Malaysian films on Netflix

For this year’s National Day, three new Malaysian films are joining the nearly 150 films now

THIS National Day, Netflix puts the spotlight on some of the best works from Malaysian filmmakers with the return of the Rekaan Rakyat collection, which will launch on August 17.

Joining the slate of close to 150 Malaysian films, series and animated shows are three new films that are set to premiere later this month on Netflix – critically-acclaimed revenge thriller The Assistant, indie martial arts film Kill-Fist, and sci-fi thriller Ceroboh (The Screaming Sky). Find out more below:

The Assistant

Directed by Adrian Teh (PASKAL: The Movie, Pasal Kau!), the revenge thriller follows Zafik (Iedil Dzhurie Alaudin), an ex-convict who was wrongly imprisoned and seeks to exact vengeance after losing his family during his incarceration. Having already lost everything near and dear to him, Zafik partners up with Feroz (Hairul Azreen), an unhinged man who always mysteriously pops up at the right place and time, to find whoever killed his wife and son.

Also starring Chew Kin Wah, Tony Eusoff, and Henley Hii, The Assistant premieres August 19 on Netflix globally.


On the brink of losing custody of his daughter and having to take care of his father who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, Zhang (Sunny Pang), a middle-aged man struggling with a dead-end job as an insurance salesperson, is at his wits’ end. Desperate for cash, he signs up for a deadly game that forces him to confront his violent past.

Directed by James Lee and also starring Alan Yun and Koe Yeet, Kill-Fist premieres August 31 on Netflix.

Ceroboh (The Screaming Sky)

In a world overrun by mind-controlling aliens called Sky Beasts, six survivors hiding out in an abandoned building make every effort to stay alive. However, when one of them is exposed to the aliens, paranoia and discontent prove to be as deadly as any threat from otherworldly beings.

Directed by Feisal Azizuddin, Ceroboh premieres August 31 on Netflix.

All three films will be included in the Rekaan Rakyat collection on Netflix, which launches on August 17. The collection will also feature cover artwork from local illustrator Book of Lai, highlighting a variety of characters from different ethnicities having a parade on the street of a heritage town and engaging in activities such as playing badminton a.k.a. the nation’s sport and sharing traditional kuih.

source – The Vibes


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