Recover the tourism industry, Hong Kong distributes 500,000 free flight tickets

Recover the tourism industry, Hong Kong distributes 500,000 free flight tickets

HONG KONG: Hong Kong received nearly 56 million visitors a year before the pandemic hit the world and now the popular destination is taking the initiative to attract tourists back to the country.

After days of lifting mandatory quarantine requirements at hotels, Hong Kong confirmed plans to give away half a million free airline tickets in an effort to revive the tourism industry.

Citing a CNN report , a spokesperson for the Hong Kong Airport Authority (AAHK) who had announced this initiative in 2020 informed that as many as 500,000 tickets worth around $254.8 million (RM150.93 million) will be distributed to visitors from outside including Hong Kong residents.

“In 2020, the Hong Kong Airport Authority purchased around 500,000 flight tickets in advance from local airlines as part of an aid package to support the aviation industry.

“The purchase is intended to inject funds into the airline, while tickets will be given to global visitors and Hong Kong residents in a campaign to revive the tourism industry,” said the spokesperson.

More details will be announced once the relevant implementation agreement has been made with the airline.

However, visitors to Hong Kong still need to follow the rules after arriving in Hong Kong, which is to submit a pre-flight vaccination certificate as well as a PCR test with negative results and a rapid antigen test before entering Hong Kong.

Once they are allowed in, visitors are required to undergo a three-day self-monitoring period during which they are prohibited from eating at restaurants or visiting bars.

Visitors must also complete a PCR test on the second, fourth and sixth days after arrival and a rapid antigen test every day for seven days.

source – Faida Rahim

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