Record using a phone call, Yasin sang the song ‘Bebaskan Aku’ for fans

Record using a phone call, Yasin sang the song ‘Bebaskan Aku’ for fans

FAMOUS SINGER Yasin Sulaiman managed to sing his song titled “Bebaskan Aku” behind the iron curtain which was shared on his Instagram account on Friday.

Through a caption written by a representative of Yasin, the song he created with an individual known as Jo Tan was sung again after his son, Malaika asked his father to sing the song during a recent visit.

In fact, the song was recorded again through a phone call to be heard and appreciated by all fans who miss it.

“During a last prison visit, Malaika asked her father to sing this song for her.

“A few days later, we asked Yasin to sing this song again in a phone call so that it can be recorded and appreciated by all,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, in the comments section, many citizens left words of support for Yasin so that he continues to persevere through the trials of life.

No less, there are also those who feel sad to hear the lyrical verses that are performed as if it describes the situation they are experiencing at this time.

Yasin faces the death penalty after being charged in the Petaling Jaya Magistrate’s Court on charges of distributing cannabis at his residence on March 24.

According to the charge before Magistrate Zhafran Rahim Hamzah, Yasin was charged with distributing cannabis weighing approximately 214 grams in a condominium unit in Kota Damansara at 5.30pm on March 24.

Prosecution is made in accordance with Section 39B (1) (a) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 and is punishable in accordance with Section 39B (2) of the same act which provides for life imprisonment or hanging to death.

If not sentenced to death shall be whipped a maximum of 15 lashes, if convicted.

source – Gempak

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