Razzie Award organizers pull back the ‘award’ for Bruce Willis

Razzie Award organizers pull back the ‘award’ for Bruce Willis

THE ORGANIZER of the Razzie awards, which is a ‘recognition’ ceremony for the worst filmmakers and film works of the year, has canceled the ‘award’ given to actor Bruce Willis recently, following revelations about his health problems.

Last Wednesday, his family revealed Willis suffers from aphasia, a condition that impairs his ability to communicate.

The situation also caused the actor to decide to retire from the world of acting.

Organizers said it was inappropriate to give the award to those with health problems that may be contributors to their affected acting.
They added that the decision was made after due discussion and consideration.

“If a person’s health condition is a factor that makes their performance poor, it’s not appropriate to give them a Razzie,” the organizers said.

Willis was nominated in his own category, namely ‘Bruce Willis Worst Performance In 2021’.

Of the eight films nominated, Cosmic Sin was chosen as the recipient. Other nominated films include American Siege, Apex, Deadlock and Out Of Death.

The recipient of this year’s Razzie Award, also known as the Golden Raspberry Award, was announced last Saturday.

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