Raudhah made success as a motivation to help overcome the problem of youth unemployment

Raudhah made success as a motivation to help overcome the problem of youth unemployment

KUALA LUMPUR: Never getting love from a father is not an obstacle to be discouraged and successful, but even a stepping stone to achieve success for oneself, thereby helping more people.

The spirit was shared by the Founder and CEO of Accelerate Global, Raudhah Nazran, 26. The woman from Kuala Lumpur is determined to overcome the unemployment problem among the youth in the country through the application she launched, namely Aceducation.

“Since childhood, I was raised by my mother, and this is what has inspired me not to give up and always help those in need.

“I believe God created every human being for a specific reason and for me, my goal is to help others do things with a lot of benefits,” she said.

“Seeing my mother who is independent and strong raised me, I also want to inspire the young people out there,” she said.

Sharing further, the University of Essex graduate said, she wanted to help the public by giving an impact to the youths, namely guiding the youths to find jobs and entrepreneurship.

Recently, the woman who was listed in Forbes under the ‘Social Impact 30 Under 30’ category of the Asia 2022 level has successfully launched the Aceducation app which aims to help young people in finding jobs.

Raudhah added that by subscribing to the application, youths can also participate in entrepreneurship training programs held by Accelerate Global. In fact, for each subscription, users can access tip videos that can be learned anywhere.

In addition, the e-learning platform has a ‘1-to-1’ concept, ie youths who subscribe to the application will be given access to direct learning as well as other entrepreneurship programs.

Raudhah hopes that this Aceducation application will be well received by not only Malaysians, but also internationally.

source – Umar Sadique


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