Rap star shot dead a day after talking about a fellow artist being threatened by robbers

Rap star shot dead a day after talking about a fellow artist being threatened by robbers

A rapper from Philadelphia, PnB Rock, was shot dead in Los Angeles a day after speaking out about the feelings of some of his fellow artists who felt threatened by the robbery agenda.

PnB Rock was even shot to death several times and robbed in front of his friends after they had dinner.

According to a CNN report, in addition to talking about the threat of robbers, the deceased who was a guest on YouTube channel DJ Akademiks around last week also talked about robberies and deaths among artists, especially rappers , which have become a habit.

He said crime is now no longer something that is done secretly, but rather openly.

The rapper then shared the experience of how he, his son and his lover were once followed by criminals.

“I pretend to be calm to make sure my children and lovers don’t feel threatened or afraid,” he said.

Even PnB Rock also describes crime in the rap world as something that is not foreign.

“I have never been robbed. I’m not saying it won’t be robbed, but so far it hasn’t been (robbed), he said again.

He also admitted not going to nightclubs or locations where gangsters gather.

“I will not put myself in a dangerous situation,” he said again.

Ironically, he was confirmed dead by the authorities after being shot in a robbery incident that happened at the Roscoe House of Chicken ‘N Waffles last Monday.

In a statement issued by Los Angeles authorities, PnB Rock was robbed and attacked after his friend is believed to have shared the location of their dinner on the Instagram social media platform.

In addition to dying on the spot, the robbers also ran away with the valuables and gold he was wearing.

As of this writing, police are still investigating.

source – Gempak


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