Randy Pangalila positive Omicron

Randy Pangalila positive Omicron

Indonesian actor, Randy Pangalila admits that he is now positive for the COVID-19 virus variant of Omicron.

Lying in hospital since last Wednesday, Randy, 31, also shared his condition with a drip on his hand.

“Well, happiness also meets you Omicron,” Randy wrote on his Instagram.

Meanwhile, his wife Chelsey Frank also shared being able to interact with Randy via video call with her son.

“Quickly greet papa,” Chelsey wrote.

Randy added to the long list of Indonesian artists infected with COVID-19 in early 2022.

Earlier, actor and comedian Joshua Suherman and his wife, Clairine Clay announced they were infected with the same virus.

Apart from that, actress Naysilla Mirdad also informed that she was infected with COVID-19.

“After entering the third year of the pandemic, I finally think it’s also called COVID-19,” said Naysilla, who had no symptoms before being confirmed positive.

The Pendant soap opera actor admitted that he sometimes does not adhere to strict health protocols as directed by the authorities.

“Honestly, before this, I had time to go through prokes (health protocol). Moreover, listen if Omicron is weaker and the symptoms are milder than other variants,” he said.


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