Ramadan: Want a ‘six-pack’ stomach? These 5 relaxing and very effective routines

Ramadan: Want a ‘six-pack’ stomach? These 5 relaxing and very effective routines

A MONTH that many Muslims around the world look forward to. This is the period where we get closer to spiritual activities more often.

And this is the period for us to ‘slow down’ a little on all things that may not bring much benefit or that tend to lagha.
Six Pack Friendly Fasting Month Exercise Tips, These 5 Relaxing Routines & Very effective

But in that time, it is not wrong for us to continue to take care of our fitness. It’s just that maybe the form of exercise or the way to do it needs to be changed a little according to the suitability of the time we are fasting.

Here MASKULIN shares five types of simple exercises for you to stay healthy but at the same time friendly enough to ‘raise’ a six pack if done on a schedule throughout this Ramadan.


This one exercise is part of the sit up exercise. but make no mistake doing this exercise is quite difficult, especially for someone who has a fat body. This exercise is very effective for shaping the abdominal muscles, because it involves almost all parts of the muscles around the abdomen (upper, middle, lower).
Take a lying position
Raise your legs and arms together until they touch your knees
Lower back to a lying position and repeat this movement again
Do this exercise around 15 times per 4 sets or can be adjusted according to ability


This exercise does not require a lot of movement and does not require a lot of energy compared to other exercises, you just need to hold your body weight and focus on the abdominal muscles.
Take a position like a push-up
Use both elbows to rest on the floor
Straighten your back
Feel the contraction in the abdominal muscles and focus on the muscles of the body from the weight of the body
Hold up to a few minutes


If you are new to the world of fitness and are not used to doing heavy exercises, then it is recommended to do this light exercise first.
However, it is not too light either, because it requires your energy to do it. But at least this way is relatively relaxed to do because it doesn’t do a lot of movement but rather holds the body’s weight.
Take a lying position
Hold the back of the head with both hands
Lift both legs up and hold for a few seconds.
Lower back down and do this exercise as hard as the muscles can


The benefits of doing this exercise are quite effective in forming the abdominal muscles into a six pack. What’s more, when doing it is added with an additional load.


Even while sleeping can form abdominal muscles. Just by lifting both legs while lying down and swinging them like you are swinging a bicycle.
However, do not underestimate this exercise, because it can help muscle formation, especially to train the lower abdominal muscles.

Hopefully by doing the exercise techniques above can help you continue to maintain your fitness and body shape. Good luck!


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